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Discover Greenland’s otherworldly landscape and unique polar wildlife

Expedition Cruises Greenland

Greenland has the most spectacular Arctic landscape that will amaze you with its diversity. While sailing along the coast and into the fjord, you will be stunned by immense icebergs and huge calving glaciers but also mountains covered in wild flowers. Explore it’s beauty up close in zodiacs, while kayaking or diving and through the walks on land. Greenland also has it’s own unique polar wildlife. Perhaps you will spot ringed seals and a variety of seabirds, including the northern fulmar and Brünnich’s guillemot. You can find whales, seals, reindeer, musk oxes, caribou and if you’re extremely lucky, even polar bears.

Greenland Iceberg


Our trips to Greenland

Special Offer

Greenland & Svalbard Expedition Cruise

Combine three Arctic islands

Travel duration: 15 days
Date: 07 Jul - 21 Jun 2024
Ship: Greg Mortimer
Passengers: 132 passengers

From € 15595 per person
Special Offer

West Greenland Expedition Cruise

Combine epic nature with ancient culture

Travel duration: 12 days
Date: 14 Jul - 25 Jul 2024
Ship: Ultramarine
Passengers: 199 passengers

From € 9220 per person