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Canadian High Arctic

An unparalleled destination for the adventurous expeditioners

Canadian High Arctic Expeditions

The Canadian High Arctic is considered the northernmost part of Canada. It includes parts of the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut, and locations like Baffin Island and Elesmere island. These remote areas provide wonderful untouched landscapes, wildlife and are great for adventure. We visit the High Arctic at the best time of year, when spring transitions to summer and the sun does not set. The High Arctic is a paradise full of animals. In the waters you can spot mystical marine mammels like narwhals, belugas and bowhead whales. On land, you can find caribou, wolves, musk-oxes, Arctic foxes, polar bears and many species of migratory birds.

Traveling the Canadian High Arctic

The Canadian High Arctic is great to experience from an expedition ship, or from land in the middle of nature. At Waterproof we offer expedition cruises on comfortable vessels that provide a wonderful view, multiple destinations and close ups to wildlife. One of the most famous historical sea routes, the Northwest Passage, traverses the Canadian Arctic. An expedition cruise along this rout, situated north of the Arctic circle, takes you all the way from the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.
If you rather stay on the land to roam wild nature, our land-based expeditions offer you just that. These exclusive expeditions take you to the edge of the ice floe in hopes of encountering some of the Arctics most ellusive animals like narwhals and polar bears.


Our trips to Canadian High Arctic

Narwhal & Polar Bear Expedition

Canadian High Arctic wildlife expedition

Travel duration: 8 days
Date: 15 May - 22 May 2025
Ship: n/a
Passengers: 16 passengers

From $ 20495 per person