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Polar Diving

A surreal submersion into a frozen underwater world

The Waterproof Expeditions team has over 15 years of experience in Polar Diving. Polar diving is no activity for the faint-hearted, it’s an adventure that challenges the very limits of human endurance and passion. 

The polar regions are often imagined as inhospitable, untouched and unexplored. Yet, beneath the waves lies a world teeming with life and unparalleled beauty. As divers descend into the freezing waters, they are greeted by a unique marine ecosystem that thrives in the cold. A delicate frozen world that only few will ever get to see.

Preparing for Polar Diving

Polar Diving is not suitable for beginners. Although polar diving is not considered “technical” diving, the conditions and gear required to dive safely do call for experience and training. It requires an extensive amount of additional equipment for the cold weather and water, and a higher level of diving experience because of the remote location.

  • You must be an experienced cold water diver with at least 30 accredited drysuit dives.
  • You will have to show an internationally accepted diving certificate, diver’s log and a health statement from your doctor.
  • You will first perform a check dive to ensure your gear is set up correctly and for our dive master to approve your participation.
  • If our dive master feels that you don’t meet the requirements, they can exclude a diver from the program to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • All participants are diving at their own risk.

Polar Diving is possible on both ends of the planet, yet the Arctic and Antarctic offer totally different under water experiences. For more detailed information and questions about our expeditions or polar diving we’re happy to give you personal advice.


Imagine submerging into a world where time seems to stand still, where the vast expanse of blue is punctuated by colossal ice sculptures, and where the silence is so profound it’s almost musical. Arctic diving is not just an adventure; it’s a poetic journey into the very heart of nature’s majesty. As the cold embraces you, the ethereal beauty of the underwater Arctic realm unfolds, revealing a dreamscape that few have the privilege to witness. Every shimmering ice formation, every fleeting encounter with the Arctic’s elusive marine life, leaves an indelible impression, forever changing one’s perception of the planet’s final frontier.


Spaces for Polar Diving are always limited. Only a select number of expedition ships offer the opportunity to go polar diving on some of their voyages.

Expeditions for Polar Diving

Special Offer

Greenland & Svalbard Expedition Cruise

Combine three Arctic islands

Travel duration: 15 days
Date: 07 Jul - 21 Jun 2024
Ship: Greg Mortimer
Passengers: 132 passengers

From € 15595 per person
Special Offer

Classic Antarctica Expedition Cruise

Optional diving & snorkeling activities

Travel duration: 12 days
Date: 22 Nov - 03 Dec 2024
Ship: Sylvia Earle
Passengers: 132 passengers

From $ 14395 per person

Classic Antarctica Expedition Cruise

Including free navigational workshop

Travel duration: 11 days
Date: 30 Nov - 10 Dec 2024
Ship: Ortelius
Passengers: 108 passengers

From € 7300 per person
Special Offer

Classic Antarctica Expedition Cruise

Optional diving & snorkeling activities

Travel duration: 12 days
Date: 24 Mar - 04 Apr 2025
Ship: Sylvia Earle
Passengers: 132 passengers

From $ 13395 per person