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Get a birds-eye view of the most remote regions of our planet

Heli hiking Antarctica © Hugo Perrin

Helicopter excursions can make your polar expedition even more exhilarating. Not only does it offer you a unique aerial view of the breathtaking wilderness, it also allows you to set foot in areas which are otherwise impossible to reach. A once-in-a-lifetime helicopter adventure will certainly leave you marveling at the overwhelming beauty of our polar regions.

The helicopters used during expeditions are specifically designed to support off-ship experiences in the polar regions. If landing is not possible, a scenic flight might be offered, giving you the most impressive views from a new perspective. Helicopter excursions provide excellent opportunities for photography, allowing passengers to capture breathtaking aerial shots of the landscape, wildlife, and ice formations.

Helicopter flights Antarctica

On most expedition cruises to Antarctica, you will only be able to view the outer edges of the continent. Although much of the Antarctic beauty will be  within the ships’ reach, some locations are only accessible via air. A good example are the Emperor Penguins on Snow Hill Island. Many of Antarctica penguins can be seen on locations along the Antarctic Peninsula, yet emperor penguins are a bit harder to find. During expedition cruises to the Weddell Sea, helicopters can enable you to visit the emperor penguin colony on Snow Hill Island.

On expeditions to the Ross Sea, helicopters can be used to access remote places like the Ross Ice Shelf and Peter I Island. Inaccessible via the water due to incredible amounts of sea ice, these locations are normally inaccessible via water and a helicopter is the only way to catch a glimpse of these Antarctic gems.

Helicopter flights in the Arctic

In the Arctic, you can enjoy helicopter flights and heli-landings in Greenland and Canada. Helicopter flight-seeing allows passengers to witness the Arctic’s vast ice fields, glaciers, mountains, and frozen seascapes from above. You may spot Arctic wildlife such as seals, walruses, and musk oxen from the air. Make sure to also look out for the intricate patterns and colours of the landscape which is full of geological surprises.

During a helicopter landing, you might be able to join a hike or snowshoe trek. Imagine being surrounded by stunning ridgelines, glaciated terrain, and snow-topped peaks, miles away from any civilisation. With the ships’ helicopter as your only way in and out. A humbling experience, which will make you feel at one with nature.

Safety is a top priority during helicopter flight-seeing. Operators adhere to strict safety protocols, and passengers are provided with appropriate safety briefings and equipment. Ultimately, it is the Expedition Leader who will decide whether the conditions are safe to fly. Keep in mind, weather and ice conditions can change quickly in the polar regions and no guarantees can be given regarding the helicopter flights.



Only a few expedition ships carry helicopters on board, and helicopter flights are only offered on selected voyages.

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