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South Georgia

Enjoy the remote and untamed landscapes of South Georgia. Besides the scenery has South Georgia a wide range of Wildlife to offer.

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South Georgia

The island of South Georgia is situated in the southern Atlantic Ocean. It's a remote and inhospitable place with no permanent inhabitants and there are no scheduled flights or ferries to or from the island. Only a few thousand visitors come here on an expedition cruise each summer, often combined with a trip to the Falkland Islands or Antarctica. South Georgia’s has is untamed and has stunning landscapes. You will find spectacular mountains rising directly from the sea, icebergs floating on the ocean, narrow sheltered waterways, deep fjords and countless glaciers along the shoreline. Hike up slopes, past mossy streams for magnificent views of penguin colonies, courting albatrosses and glaciated mountain peaks. Scattered along South Georgia's coastline there are also various historical sites, including polar explorer Shackleton's last resting place.

South Georgia Wildlife

South Georgia is home to many thousands of King penguins that have completely invaded some of South Georgia's beaches. It's an incredible sight to see so many of them in one place. But there are more unique animals to encounter here. The penguins share their beaches with enormous elephant seals, fur seals and several other smaller penguin species. Along the coast you might spot whales and high up on the hills, large albatrosses make their nests and feed their chicks. Many other birds, such as the Snow Petrels and Antarctic Terns have also chosen the island as their home. South Georgia is a paradise for bird watching.

“Visually and emotionally, the island
of South Georgia overwhelms.
It resembles a profusion of captivating
animals that quickly transforms even
the most discriminating observer
into a raving anthropomorphic.”

Ron Naveen - Wild Ice