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Northern Lights & Whale Watching

The highlights of the Norwegian winter fjords at its best. Northern lights, whale watching and an amazing scenery!

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Northern Light & Whale Watching Expedition Cruise Norway

Spotting the Northern light, or Aurora Borealis, is a bucket list item for many travellers. From the end of September until the beginning of April is the best time to spot it. Especially during the long winter days in December and January you are more likely to view the dancing lights in the sky. As you might know, it is a natural phenomenon, therefore it is never guaranteed that it is visible. However Northern Norway is the perfect location. During the polar nights there's no sunlight, and with almost no light polution in this region you have close to 24 hours per day to spot the Northern Lights.
Towards the end of January the days will slowly get longer again, and during twilight hours the sky turns into the most amazing colors. The light changes every minute, from yellow to pink and purple, turning the snowy mountains into a magical scenery. On deck of our comfortable expedition ship, the views are ideal for photographing this colorful spectacle.

Whale Watching Norway Expedition Cruise

Our expedition cruise starts from Tromsø and takes you through the majestic fjords of Northern Norway. The snowy mountain peaks rise up from the fjords, which makes for a breathtaking scenery. During this expedition you will have many opportunities for nature and wildlife photography, and of course we hope to see many whales. In winter, several different species of whales come to the Norwegian fjords. On past expeditions we have spotted Humpback whales, Orcas, Sperm whales and Pilot whales. Besides whale watching from the ship we will also go out for zodiac excursions, and with a little bit of luck we might see some whales from up close while we are on the water.
Depending on which route we will take during the expedition we might visit the famous Trollfjord, which has an extremely narrow entrance and steep cliffs rising straight out of the water. Other magnificent locations are the fishing villages Andenes, where you can spot whales all year round, and Hamn on the beautiful island Senja.

Small ship expedition Norway

The Northern Light expedition cruise takes place on board the MS Freya. This is a small comfortable expedtion cruise ship for a maximum of 22 passengers. That enables us to adjust the itinarary based on weather conditions, wildlife sightings and the wishes of our passengers.

Highlights of Northern Light Cruise:

  • Small ship with max. 22 guests on board

  • Operated by Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions

  • Whale watching & Wildlife photography

  • View the Northern Lights

  • Sail through the snowy fjords

  • Visit small fishing villages

  • Zodiac excursions

  • Snorkeling opportunities, depending on weather and wildlife

  • Expert guides on board

Northern Lights Norway Expedition Cruise

We are always ready to alter plans accordingly to take advantage of light, weather, wildlife sightings and other one-of-a-kind opportunities which can vary each day. We cannot guarantee that all activities and shore landings will take place or that they will include all the events we’ve outlined in advance. Be prepared for cold but rewarding days out at sea with spectacular sightings of a unique display of mother nature. Bring a good portion of adventurous spirit. We deal with true wildlife encounters and unpredictable weather conditions. The success of this trip is based on realistic expectations and your personal flexibility.

  • Arrival in Tromsø and boarding your 'home away from home'

    We start our expedition cruise from Tromsø, just above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. This town is known to be the 'Gateway to the Arctic' and has been the starting point for many polar expeditions in the past.
    Tromsø is surrounded by mountains and fjords and is the world's capital for Northern Light observations! It's definitely worth spending a day or two here. Visit the Polar Museum for a fascinating tour through polar history. Or start your arctic adventure with an optional dog sled excursion or snowmobile safari.
    In the afternoon of the first day you board the ship and make yourself at home in your cozy cabin. After dinner we say goodbye to Tromsø and start our Northern Light Cruise!

  • Cruising the fjords

    For five full days we will sail through the beautiful fjords of Northern Norway and explore the surroundings. It's exciting to go out on deck in the morning and to find a new scenery each day. Expect to spend a lot of time on deck as the views are often too beautiful to stay inside. High mountains and remote tiny villages pass by on the horizon. We spend most of the daylight hours out looking for whales, going for shore visits and hikes and taking Zodiac rides. When it get's dark we might visit small fishing villages that are often hidden in the most beautiful scenic locations. For example the village of Andenes. A small town situated against a backdrop of high mountains with a lovely red light house from where you have a good chance of viewing the Northern Lights. Or we might sail North towards the village Skjervoy where whales can be spotted whole year round. Another spectacular highlight of Northern Norway is the famous Trollfjord which is only 100m wide at the entrance and has steep cliffs towering up on both sides. Expert guides accompany you on your adventures and share their knowledge about the region, the Northern Lights and wildlife.

  • Northern Lights in Norway

    During the long polar nights there is a good chance we will see the Northern Lights. The crew on board will keep an eye out and will alert the guests when the Northern Lights are visible. If we are in port you can go ashore and walk up a hill to get away from any artificial lights and have a clear view on the sky. On land you have the best opportunities to take pictures of the Northern Lights as you can put your camera of phone on a steady surface.
    But also from the ship you can have the most spectacular views of the Northern Lights dancing above the water and the mountains. When we are at anchor in a calm bay you can have a 360-view on the sky and the lights seem to surround the ship.

  • End of the trip

    In the morning on day 7 we will arrive back in the harbour of Tromsø. After breakfast you will disembark the ship and say farewell to your fellow passengers and ship crew.
    There are several options to extend your stay in Northern Norway. Contact us for more information.

Dates & Rates

  • MS Polarfront Northern light Cruise

    • 17th Jan - 23rd Jan 2021
    • Embark: Tromso
    • Disembark: Tromso
    Prices from
    Executive Suite
    EUR 3,950
    Superior Suite
    EUR 3,795
    Deluxe Suite
    EUR 3,695
  • MS Freya Northern light Cruise

    • 20th Jan - 26th Jan 2021
    • Embark: Tromso
    • Disembark: Tromso
    Prices from
    Superior Cabin
    EUR 3,695
    Twin Private Cabin
    EUR 3,495


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