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Photography Special: Whales, Orcas & Auroras

Join our magical Photography voyage in Northern Norway this winter! In search of orcas, whales and Northern Lights on board our expedition ship Virgo with only 12 guests and an expert photo guide!
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Photography Voyage: Whale Watching & Northern Lights Expedition Cruise Norway

This voyage is a unique opportunity for everybody interested in whales, orcas, white-tailed eagles, arctic winter, Northern Lights and breathtaking landscapes. Starting in Tromsø, we take you on an expedition cruise through the fjords of Northern Norway. Towards the end of the year, the sun doesn't rise above the horizon. The Polar Night sets in and lasts for almost 7 weeks. Although the sun doesn't rise, Northern Norway is not dark completely. During twilight hours the sky turns into the most amazing colors. From a deep midnight blue to soft pink, turning the snow-capped mountains into a magical scenery. On deck of our comfortable expedition ship, the views are ideal for photographing this colorful spectacle.

Whale & Orca Photography

For a very short period each winter, Northern Norway is the place of the largest gathering of whales in the world. They are attracted to the enormous amount of herring that can be found there during this period. Our expedition cruise starts from Tromsø and takes you North, to the fjords where we often encounter whales and orcas.
Take your binoculars and scout the horizon for wildlife, either from the outside deck or the bridge. When whales have been spotted, our guides will notify everyone onboard so you don't miss anything. Besides whale watching from the ship, we will also go out for zodiac excursions, offering a splendid topside photography experience right on the water. With only 6 persons per zodiac we will attempt to see the whales and orcas from up close while they are feeding. The mountains rising straight from the fjords form a breathtaking backdrop for lunge feeding humpback whales and spy-hopping orcas! Of course we will always keep a safe distance in order not to disturb the animals. This trip is suited for photographers of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced. Our guides are happy to help you takes pictures in this unique environment. They will offer specific photography lectures and can help you set up your gear for the perfect shot. With a maximum of only 12 participants and 2 instructors you will certainly get the best personal assistance!

Northern Light Photography Northern Norway

Spotting the Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis is a bucket list item for many. Especially during the long winter days in December, you are likely to view these dancing lights in the sky and Northern Norway is the perfect location. During the polar night there's no sunlight, and with almost no light polution in this region you have great chances of spotting the Northern Lights. The crew on board will keep an eye out and will alert the guests when the Aurora is visible. When in port, you can go ashore and walk up a hill to get away from any artificial lights and have a clear view on the sky. Also from the ship you can have the most spectacular views of the night sky from our spacious deck. So make sure to keep your camera close, even at night.

Highlights of this Expedition Cruise:

    • Only 12 guests
    • Primetime whale season!
    • Killer Whales, Humpbacks & Fin Whales!
    • Your onboard photographer: Jens Wikström
    • Great photography for beginners & professionals
    • View & photograph the Northern Lights
    • Sail through the breathtaking fjords
    • 2 expert guides
    • 2 zodiacs, only 6 persons per zodiac!

Northern Lights Norway Expedition Cruise

We are always ready to alter plans accordingly to take advantage of light, weather, wildlife sightings and other one-of-a-kind opportunities which can vary each day. We cannot guarantee that all activities and shore landings will take place or that they will include all the events we’ve outlined in advance. Be prepared for cold but rewarding days out at sea with spectacular sightings of a unique display of mother nature. Bring a good portion of adventurous spirit. We deal with true wildlife encounters and unpredictable weather conditions. The success of this trip is based on realistic expectations and your personal flexibility.

  • Arrival in Tromsø and boarding your 'home away from home'

    We start our expedition cruise from Tromsø, just above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. This town is known to be the 'Gateway to the Arctic' and has been the starting point for many polar expeditions in the past. Tromsø is surrounded by mountains and fjords and is the world's capital for Northern Light observations! It's definitely worth spending a day or two here. Visit the Polar Museum for a fascinating tour through polar history. Or start your arctic adventure with an optional dog sled excursion or snowmobile safari. In the afternoon of the first day you will board the ship and make yourself at home. After dinner we say goodbye to Tromsø and start our Expedition Cruise!

  • For five full days we will sail through the beautiful fjords of Northern Norway. Our floating hotel takes us to a new location each day. Expect to spend a lot of time on deck as the views are often too beautiful to stay inside. High mountains and remote tiny villages pass by on the horizon. We spend most of the daylight hours looking for whales, orcas and other wildlife. When it get's dark and the skies are clear, we have a good chance of viewing the Northern Lights. Our expert guides accompany you on your adventures and share their knowledge about the region, the Northern Lights and wildlife.

  • Whale watching Skjervøy & Kvænangen

    We are likely to sail North to Kvænangen fjord and the area around Skjervøy. This village is a base for many whale safaris. In previous seasons we have often encountered whales and orcas in Kvænangen fjord, so we have good chances to spot them here again. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the fjord on deck or from the bridge while the ship searches for whales. We might also go ashore in the area at night, for viewing and photographing the northern lights.

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  • Northern Lights in Norway

    During the long polar nights there is a good chance we will see the Northern Lights. The crew on board will keep an eye out and will alert the guests when the Northern Lights are visible. If we are in port you can go ashore and walk up a hill to get away from any artificial lights and have a clear view on the sky. On land you have the best opportunities to take pictures of the Northern Lights as you can put your camera of phone on a steady surface.
    But also from the ship you can have the most spectacular views of the Northern Lights dancing above the water and the mountains. When we are at anchor in a calm bay you can have a 360-view on the sky and the lights seem to surround the ship. Slip into your bathing suit for a relaxing bath in the hot tub, or warm up in the sauna while watching this spectacle of nature unravel in front of your eyes.

    Want to learn more about the Northern Lights? Read our blog: "Northern Lights - All your questions answered".

  • Activities during your voyage


    Our photopgraphy guide takes you on a discovery of the Norwegian fjords, while teaching you how to capture the magic of the northern lights and the great cetaceans. With maximum 12 participants and 2 instructors you will certainly get the best personal assistance. The guides will answer all your questions, help you with your gear and anything that you might need. We use the zodiacs to see whales up close and be able to photograph them close to the water surface. This photography trip is suited for photographers of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

    Polar Plunge

    For our bravest guests we organize a 'polar plunge'. Those who dare get a chance to dive into the ice-cold water! Probably the most refreshing dive you will ever take. Afterwards, you can tell your family and friends that you took a plunge north of the arctic circle!

  • End of the trip

    In the morning on day 7 we are back in the harbour of Tromsø. After breakfast you will disembark the ship and say farewell to your fellow passengers and ship crew. The aiport is only a 10 minute taxi ride away from the harbour.
    There are several options to extend your stay in Northern Norway. Contact us for more information.

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Your photography guide: Jens Wikström

On board Virgo 04 - 10 Dec 2024

Your photography expert on this voyage is Jens Wikström. Jens Wikström is a Swedish wildlife photographer, naturalist and expedition leader who has been working in both the Arctic and Antarctica for many years. Being an avid photographer, ornithologist and marine wildlife specialist, Jens has travelled extensively around the globe, resulting in a passion for remote wilderness areas and wildlife conservation. When not at sea, he exhibits his photos in an effort to spread interest and awareness about the polar regions.

Jens has worked as an expedition leader with Waterproof Expeditions on our whale watching voyages in Northern Norway for several years now. He is not only an expert on photographing orcas and whales, he also loves to share his knowledge on their behaviour and natural habitat. 

Expedition ship Virgo

12 passengers

This special photography expeditions cruise in Northern Norway takes place on board the recently refurbished expedition ship Virgo, with a maximum of only 12 passengers. The small size of the ship gives us the opportunity to be flexible and optimize every opportunity for showing you the best of Norway. The crew makes sure your stay is as pleasant as possible and the chef prepares delicious meals several times a day. All meals, snacks, coffee and tea are included. We also provide you with waterproof zodiac suits and thermal overalls to keep you warm in the zodiac. We are certain you will feel right at home in the cozy and friendly atmosphere on board Virgo.