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Szymon Niezabitowski

Waterproof Guide

Szymon was born in Cracow, Poland, where he studied Biology and Geography and received a graduate degree in „Facility of Biology and Earth Sciences”. After he finished his studies he worked for the Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals, where he was a guide and keeper of exotic animals like cotton-top tamarin, monitor lizards, snakes and tarantulas.

From the earliest years of his life he has been a passionate naturalist and mountaineer with a special interest in the geography and the wildlife of the higher latitudes. In 2017 and the summer of 2018 Szymon fulfilled his biggest dream and became a circumpolar guide and spent almost half a year on Spitsbergen, where he could admire the true wildness of the Artic. This was the start of his carreer as an expedition guide on board ships in both the Arctic and Antarctica.

Szymon has been a guide and expedition leader with Waterproof Expeditions for several years now, spending the winter months on board with Rinie in Northern Norway during our Winter Whales of Norway expeditions, and joining our special Arctic voyages in summer.

Szymon's Expeditions