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"Let’s explore the world. Follow a chart to its edges, and keep going. Forget the plans. Trust our instincts. Let curiosity be our guide."

Johnny van Vliet

Waterproof Guide

Johnny is a passionate ecologist hailing from the picturesque Netherlands. His love for nature and wildlife has led him to a unique career path as an Expedition Leader & Guide in the Polar regions. Combining his expertise in ecology with his adventurous spirit, Johnny thrives in the remote and icy landscapes, where he can immerse himself in the stunning beauty of the natural world.

Driven by a deep commitment to wildlife conservation, Johnny utilizes his talents in photography to shed light on the importance of protecting our planet’s fauna. His Wildlife-Conservation photography serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness and inspire action. Johnny’s journey took an exciting turn when he brought his photography onboard expedition ships, allowing him to share his passion with fellow adventurers from around the globe.

Johnny’s dedication and talent have not gone unnoticed. Recently, he was honored as one of the finalists in The Nature Conservancy’s prestigious 2023 Global Photo Contest. His remarkable work continues to inspire others to appreciate, cherish, and protect our planet’s natural wonders.

With boundless curiosity and a thirst for exploration, Johnny embarks on expeditions to the far corners of the world. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or navigating the icy waters in a zodiac, Johnny loves to captivate his audiences with stories about animals, landscapes, and the profound impact of human activity on the environment.

Johnny's Expeditions