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"I will always prioritize the animals and their behavior. We are visitors in their home, and I will always respect that."

Debbie Bouma

Waterproof Guide

Debbie Bouma is a passionate zoologist with over a decade of experience working with various marine mammals, like Dolphins, Seals and Walrus. Her journey into the world of wildlife began from a young age, where she found her calling studying and understanding the intricacies of marine life, specializing in animal welfare, research and behavior.

Driven by her love for animals and a deep-rooted desire to share her passion with others, Debbie co-founded Wild-Encounters, a company dedicated to bringing guests closer to wildlife. As an expedition guide for Waterproof Expeditions, she combines her expertise in zoology with her love for travel, offering unique opportunities for people to experience the wonders of nature up close.

Debbie’s commitment to wildlife conservation and education shines through in every aspect of her work. Whether leading expeditions to remote corners of the globe or lecturing about the animals-behavior and capturing breathtaking moments through her lens, she strives to foster a deeper connection between people and the natural world.

With a keen eye for photography and an unwavering dedication to conservation, Debbie Bouma continues to inspire others to appreciate and protect the beauty of our planet’s wildlife.

Always wanted to know more about Marine mammals, Animal behavior or Expedition life? Debbie writes monthly blogs about various topics she comes across during here work in the field.

Debbie's Expeditions

Expeditions with Debbie Bouma

Signature Expedition

Svalbard On Land & In the Water

With Waterproof experts Johnny & Debbie

Travel duration: 10 days
Date: 22 Jul - 31 Jul 2025
Ship: Polarfront
Passengers: 16 passengers

From € 10400 per person