Waterproof Cruises

Expedition Cruise Ships

The choice of vessel is an important factor for your cruise experience. An ice strengthened vessel for the polar regions. Or boutique style live-aboard for your active dive holiday. We match the right ship for you!

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Choosing the right ship

So many ships and so many choices ! It is not easy to figure out which ship is the right choice for you. Our selection of ice strengthened vessels for the polar regions and boutique style yachts and live-aboards for world wide exploration allow for the best small ship cruise experiences.
Our expertise is to match your preferences and wishes with the right ship to ensure the best possible experience. Whether you are looking for Ultra luxury with butler service, or a more expedition style ship.

Tell us your wish-list and we match the best suitable ship for you!

"I wasn’t sure I was the cruising type before I went, because I never fancied the larger cruise ships. But small ship cruising changed my mind. It’s a different feeling, being out there on the water. I feel like there’s a whole world of possibilities out there I’d never noticed before!"

- Gwen H. (FL, USA)
  • Yachts & Live-aboards

  • Small ships 12 - 60 passengers

  • Expedition Ships 61-200 passengers

  • Expedition Vessels 201 - 500 passengers

  • Icebreakers