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Expedition Cruise Ships

The choice of vessel is an important factor for your cruise experience. An ice strengthened vessel for the polar regions. Or boutique style live-aboard for your active dive holiday. We will find the right ship for you!

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Choosing the right ship

So many ships and so many choices! It is not easy to figure out which ship is the right one for you. Our selection allows for the best small ship cruise experiences. Ranging from ice strengthened vessels for the polar regions to boutique style yachts and live-aboards for world wide exploration.
Our expertise is to match your preferences and wishes with the right ship to ensure the best possible experience. Whether you are looking for ultra luxurious with a wide range of amenities, or an expedition style ship to take you to remote regions.
Tell us your wish-list and we will find the best suitable ship for you!

"I wasn’t sure I was the cruising type before I went, because I never fancied the larger cruise ships. But small ship cruising changed my mind. It’s a different feeling, being out there on the water. I feel like there’s a whole world of possibilities out there I’d never noticed before!"

- Gwen H. (FL, USA)
  • Private Yachts & Live-aboards

  • Small ships 12 - 60 passengers

  • Expedition Ships 61-200 passengers

  • Expedition Vessels 201 - 500 passengers

  • Icebreakers

The essence of small ship expedition cruising

Redefine your definition of cruise travel

A small expedition cruise ship will bring you to places you could never imagine. Immerse yourself in nature, discover wildlife, enjoy local cultures and learn about history. Each expedition cruise is different from the last one, as we optimize every opportunity to show you the best of a destination. That is true expedition style traveling, no mass tourism, just a small group of travelers enjoying nature in a unique way.

Sail beyond the reach of large ships

Small expedition ships carrying less than 500 passengers

When choosing a ship for your next expedition cruise, pay special attention to the number of passengers that are taken on board. On destinations such as Antarctica and the Arctic only 100 people are allowed to go on a land excursion at the same time. Large ships with over 500 passengers are not allowed to make any landings at all. So being on a smaller expedition ship has its advantages, as you can spend more time exploring instead of waiting your turn to make a landing.

The luxury is in the experience

Create life-long memories

Any cruise will take you to beautiful places. But small ship cruising is all about the experience and creating life-long memories. It takes you away from the ordinary and far beyond the roads you know. In-depth exploration of a destination is key. Go on shore excursions to experience wildlife from up close and see the world from a new perspective. Or slide into the water to dive and snorkel with the gentle giants of our ocean. We have as much fun on land as we do on the water. When you're small-ship cruising, nature comes to you.