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About us

How it all began

More than 15 years of expedition travel

Our vision

We believe travelling is more than ticking boxes off your bucket list. It’s about sharing memories and inspiring people to enjoy and understand the natural wonders above and below the oceans.

Responsible Travel

With travelling to the most pristine regions of our planet comes great responsibility. Safe and sustainable travel are our main concerns. Travelling in small groups, guided by experienced expedition staff, we aim to minimise our impact and educate our guests in order to create lifelong ambassadors for our blue planet.

“Every expedition is designed to make your heart skip a beat.”

Our partner Waterproof International

Waterproof Expeditions was founded by Marlynda Elstgeest (CEO) and Göran Ehlmé, head of the R&D department at Waterproof Diving International. Combining their knowledge and passion for the oceans and polar regions, they imagined experiential travel for adventurous souls looking to explore our blue planet above and below the water. Together, they were the first to organise Polar Diving and Polar Snorkeling, in the Arctic and Antarctica!

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Meet Team Waterproof!

For over 15 years now, Waterproof Expeditions has been creating unique journeys for travellers who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience. Our dedicated team of experts in the office and in the field, invites you into a different world, full of wilderness and wildlife.

Sustainable Expedition Travel

Aware of nature’s vulnerability, responsible travel is at the forefront of how we operate. We strongly believe that raising awareness during our trips, emphasising the natural beauty around us, creates ambassadors for the protection of our planet.

We set the highest standards for ourselves and our partners in order to ensure safe and responsible expedition travel.