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We love water and our Blue Planet! Above and below the surface. Cruising, Diving and Snorkeling and we love to share our amazing experiences with you. Join us and Explore!

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Why travel with Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions?

A lifetime spent exploring

We believe that the best experiences have never been based purely on cost and there is one thing money can't buy;
The ‘wow’ factor you feel from a true life experience!
Our success is a team effort of real people with many years of real experiences. Not just a fancy booking platform. For decades we cruise, we dive, we snorkel, we photograph and we explore remote and fascinating places of our blue planet. So we speak from first-hand experience and believe in the personal connection with like-minded people. We are confident in our advice to you which is based on years of experiences.
Join us in exploring our Blue Planet in an authentic and responsible way on board small boutique style live-aboards and yachts to sturdy ice strengthened polar vessels or top notch luxury cruises.
We like to share this passion with you and feed the mind. By educating and inspiring. By breathless moments, and sometimes by extending your personal boundaries.

Experiential travelling and high performance quality  


Our collection of cruise, dive and snorkel trips offers a selection of the finest small ship cruise itineraries and expeditions worldwide. Designed for curious, open minded people with a sense of adventure and appreciation for extraordinary and sustainable travel experiences. Small groups and personalized details.
If this is your first-time small ship cruise experience, we are confident you fall in love with the concept and refuse to do any of the mega-liners, and return again and again to the small ships.


For the more faint at heart adventures we have a fascinating collection of true expeditions. Sometimes challenging your comfort zone but creating a 'wow' factor that will blow your mind away. Our expert guides will keep you safe while sharing their passion and knowledge.


Tell us about your wishlist and we match the trip for you!

Our Partners:
Waterproof International Sweden

Diving and outdoor garments

Waterproof International logo

With 35 years as a dry suit producer under their belt and many International Awards for best dry- or wetsuit design, our partners at Waterproof International know how important it is to keep up the quality and service to their customers. With innovative and technically advanced products, Waterproof encovers a broad spectra of needs, from advanced military, technical diving to leisure tropical snorkeling.

Waterproof International chooses the mighty Walrus as the archetype for their logo. They live a comfortable life in a hush environment thanks to insulation and an exceptional ability to adapt to the conditions.

The “Facing Reality”, motto personified.

Read more on our partners Waterproof International Sweden.


Waterproof International Catalog 2018


Supporting sustainable tourism to Antarctica


Waterproof Expeditions is a voting Member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Touroperators), a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate, promote and practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.
IAATO members work together to develop, adopt and implement operational standards that mitigate potential environmental impacts. Numerous guidelines have been adopted over the last 25 years that have proven to be successful in avoiding such impacts. Waterproof Expeditions works with IAATO operators and takes great pride of educating passengers on wilderness etiquette and visitor guidelines.

Read more on the mission of IAATO, Antarctica and the Ambassadors Programme.

Are you not the Cruising type? Try a different kind of ship!

If you wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise ship with thousands of people, playing Bingo, watching Vegas-style acts and visiting touristy ports of call, then explorer cruising is the way to get to these special places and remote islands and fascinating small harbors of the world.

With small ship cruising you get to those unique remote places where large ships, simply can't go. It's an entertaining and efficient way to travel. Le Boreal in Antarctica
You unpack once and wake up in a new place every day.
You are with grown ups and won’t find the family crowd — there’s no programming for kids.
You get to experience the wildlife, culture and nature of the destination not just the tourist areas. Upclose and personal.
You know you're at sea and won’t ever forget it. Visit the Bridge anytime you want. Maybe get a lesson on star-gazing. You can even talk nautical with the officers.

Expert Guides

The team on board expedition ships consist of guides, naturalists and science-oriented guest lecturers who give presentations on the politics, culture, history, geology, geography, biology, ecology or anthropology of their vessel's destinations. Sometimes profressional photographers are on board for special workshop and to help you take amazing pictures of the wildlife and scenery. They take great pride in sharing their knowledge to ensure you experience all facts and don’t miss anything, while keeping your safe!

Landing on the Antarctic Continent at Roque Maurel

We use Zodiac inflatable crafts instead of conventional tenders. This may require more agility transferring to and from the ship, but often the destination is a beach or rocky shoreline lacking any sort of a pier, necessitating a "wet landing" (having to jump over the side into the water and wade to shore).
Once ashore, groups are often divided up into smaller packs based on fitness level and interest, with the heartier travelers taking off on hikes of various degrees or long kayaking outings and easier-going folks taking a leisurely, naturalist-led walk along a shoreline to look in tidepools or search for rare birds.
You know the price before you travel. The food, excursion programme, port taxes etc are included in your cruise price, so no surprises on board other than your bar bill!

 We are confident this way of explorer cruising will get you hooked!