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"By sharing the beauty of our Blue Planet, and planting the seeds in peoples minds, I hope to create Ambassadors for environmental protection."

Marlynda Elstgeest

CEO & Owner

Marlynda was born and raised in the Netherlands. Travelling and diving has always been her passion. Her first diving experience started in 1989 and ever since, she has been fascinated by the underwater world and the beautiful oceans. Together with filmmaker and National Geographic photographer Göran Ehlmé, head designer of Waterproof diving suits from Sweden, she organised the first commercial diving expeditions to the Polar regions. Ten years later, the idea of Waterproof Expeditions was put into practice by organising unique trips focusing on the natural beauty and diversity of our Blue Planet.  Above and below the oceans!

Dedicated to sustainable travel

Marlynda graduated in ‘Sustainable Tourism’ and her commitment and dedication to sustainable travel comes to life not only in our expeditions, but also in her engagement to various initiatives. Such as chairing the Executive Committee of the International Association of Antarctic Tourism (IAATO), of which Waterproof Expeditions is a member. But also as an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on safe and environmentally responsible travel of Antarctic tourism.  Marlynda has been part of the Dutch delegation to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings since 2004. During this annual Consultative Meeting, the 59 Antarctic Treaty Parties meet to discuss policy and international governance of Antarctica.

But first and foremost, she likes to share her passion and enthusiasm, in order to create awareness for our beautiful planet. Protecting what you see and planting seeds in peoples mind for environmental protection. She speaks from experience by her own travels above and below the Oceans, in many parts of the world like Antarctica, South Georgia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Belize, Svalbard, Greenland, Franz Josef Land, Norway, Russia, Finland, Tonga, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar, New Zealand, Australia.

Marlynda's expeditions