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"Every departure has different challenges and new experiences. That makes our work so fascinating. In the office as well as in the field."

Leendert van Halst


As a ‘Jack-of -all- trades’ Leendert is responsible for the traditional CFO functions such as finance, administration, personnel and all legal and contractual matters. He enjoys the adventure company and will not hesitate to spread the word about Waterproof Expeditions wherever he can.

After finishing his university studies and his MBA in Strategic Management, Leendert started his professional career in maritime shipping (IT, satellite communications and crewing). Untill 2002 he worked for a large stock listed Norwegian maritime software house, a large satellite telephone provider (both VSAT and Inmarsat in land-mobile and maritime), before he started in the international maritime crewing business. Besides consulting Waterproof Expeditions on financial matters he also manages his own maritime crewing agency specialised in inland shipping.

He enjoys combining his professional background in shipping and business economics with his passion for experiential travelling. During the expeditions he joined over years, he truly experienced that it’s not about the moment you breathe, but it’s about the moments that take your breath away.