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"The best part is that you never really know what is going to happen next, which adds that bit of extra excitement to the experience!"

Anu Rahikainen

Sales & Reservations

Anu grew up surrounded by forests and lakes, in a rather small town in Finland. Therefore nature and it’s wonders have been an importance in her life since her childhood. In addition to nature, she has always been interested in exploring new countries and cultures. You could say that the travel bug has bitten her severely, and therefore she has travelled to many countries around the world. She has also experienced living longer times in different cultures in Australia, Greece, and Spain.

Now Anu has settled in The Netherlands and her passion for traveling has lead her to work in the travel industry, where she is dedicated to help others to create their unforgettable experiences. She loves to hear, read, and share travel stories and advice people when they are planning their next adventure.

For Waterproof Expeditions, Anu has been on expedition cruises to Norway – to snorkel with orcas and whales, Svalbard, Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. She would travel again to any of the mentioned places in a heartbeat and can’t wait to explore new parts of the world in the future.

Anu on Expeditions