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Polar Snorkeling in Antarctica

Exploring Antarctica under water

You’re planning a once in a lifetime trip, a visit to see unimaginable nature and wildlife.. So why not see ALL of the destination? An Antarctic experience should not just be about the scenery and animals on land. Make your experience completely unique by polar snorkeling in Antarctica!


Diving is an exhilarating activity, no matter where you are in the world. However, diving in Antarctica requires specialised training due to its unique challenges. The team at Waterproof Expeditions has designed Polar Snorkeling especially for those without diving experience. Anyone in good general health and with an adventurous spirit can take part in this unique activity! You can sign up for polar snorkeling on various Antarctic expeditions.

Snorkeling in Antarctica offers an unparalleled experience, allowing you to swim amidst Antarctic marine life, from the tiniest amphibians to large marine mammels, all in their natural habitat. Throughout the expedition, you can alternate between polar snorkeling outings and land excursions, ensuring you get the best of both worlds; beneath and above the surface of Antarctica.

Do you need experience for polar snorkeling?

Even though you don’t need any special experience for Polar Snorkeling in Antarcica, we do recommend you try out snorkeling at least once before participating.

What to expect when polar snorkeling in Antarctica?

Picture yourself effortlessly gliding through pristine blue waters, immersed in a mesmerizing underwater landscape found nowhere else on Earth. With such captivating sights, it’s hard to resist the temptation to jump right in. Witness firsthand the agile movements and remarkable speed of penguins as they gracefully navigate the icy depths. Observe colossal icebergs under water, and imagine the diverse marine life concealed within the frigid Antarctic waters. While polar snorkeling, you should always expect the unexpected, like a surprise visit by an inquisitive crabeater seal or a humpback whale appearing from the deep.

The logistics of snorkeling depend on a number of factors like ice and weather, possible snorkeling sites, what there is to see, and what other activities are being offered. On a typical day, you can choose to go snorkeling, to take part in the land activities or even do both. Each snorkeling excursion starts with a briefing about the particular snorkeling site, including timings, safety perimeters and what to expect in the water. After gearing up, you will get in the zodiac. A member of the expedition team will take you to the snorkeling site. You will enter the water from the zodiac or from the shoreline.


The first question that might cross a potential snorkelers mind is, isn’t that cold? The water temperature in Antarctica is usually just above freezing. You will need a drysuit and several layers of undergarments to keep you warm and comfortable.

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