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For over 20 years we have explored the Polar regions from Antarctica to the North Pole and the most fascinating places in between. Join us above and below the Ocean. Life is too short not to explore!

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We love Cruising! We love Diving! We love Snorkelling!
We've spent a life time exploring our Blue Planet above- and below the Oceans. In the Polar regions we pioneered Polar Diving since the 90'ties and being the first to offer Polar snorkelling in Antarctica we shared this fun activity with many people swimming around icebergs and see penguins and seals under water. We simply love the combination of topside and underwater beauty and it's our passion to share this with you on board small ships. From the amazing Antarctic scenery to the deep Oceans of our blue planet. From cruising through the pack-ice at the North Pole or snorkelling with Orcas in Norway or Humpback whales in the warm waters of Tonga.'s all about unique wildlife encounters and ever lasting memories.
You choose, it's your dream.. we take you there!


  • Polar Cruises

    Polar Cruises

    Cruising to Antarctica and the Arctic is best done on board comfortable smaller ice class vessels from 12 to maximum 500 guests. Witness thousands of penguins in Antarctica and Polar bears in the Arctic. Join daily excursions, watch the blow of a whale from the bow of your ship and zodiac cruise around impressive icebergs. Polar cruising will leave you with memories of a life time!

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  • Dive & Snorkel Expeditions

    Dive & Snorkel Expeditions

    We take you under the ice of the White Sea or Polar snorkelling in Antarctica. Too cold? Than join us in French Polynesia or the Galapagos Islands. There is a whole new world to explore while diving or snorkelling!

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  • Explorer Cruises

    Explorer Cruises

    Do you like small ships, activities, exploring new destinations but not with thousands of other people ? Than our collection is just what you are looking for ! Itineraries worldwide with sailing vessels or luxury yacht cruises but always with fascinating programmes and activities.

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  • Wildlife Expeditions

    Wildlife Expeditions

    Join a safari camp on the ice floe edge for unique wildlife encounters, ski the last degree to the South Pole or visit an Emperor penguin colony. Fascinating Expeditions for the experienced traveller and keen photographers!

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World of Waterproof

Extend your personal boundaries and join us in exploring the world. Above and below the surface, with like minded people who appreciate the authentic and responsible way of travelling. On board smaller vessels for bigger memories. Whether you prefer a comfortable luxury yacht or a rough Ice-breaker.
Life is too short not to explore!
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