Explore the world in pure comfort on board luxury vessels or strong ice-breakers while discovering new destinations. Cruise with a difference.

Waterproof Explorer Cruises offers cruising with like-minded people who appreciate the authentic and responsible way of traveling. Smaller vessels and bigger memories.

A cruise ship sailing between icebergs

Antarctica Cruises

The Polar regions have intrigued us for many years. Not only the history but also the thousands of penguins in Antarctica, impressive icebergs and a silent scenery of white, pink and golden colours.

Antarctica Cruises

Be prepared to be dazzled and bitten by the Polar bug. Truly extraordinary wildlife and breath-taking scenery. Sailing to the Antarctic Peninsula you enter a frozen region of brooding mountain ranges and massive blue icebergs.

  • Have your camera ready for amazing wildlife encounters with penguin, seals and whales during daily zodiac excursions and landings.
  • Cruising Antarctica with top notch luxury yachts and comfortable expedition style vessels from 12 to 500 passengers.
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A photo from the bow of a cruise ship sailing through Antarctica
A cruise ship anchored at the North Pole

North Pole Cruise

A unique expedition cruise to the North Pole aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker, takes you to the top of the world, a place inaccessible to all other commercial passenger vessels.

North Pole Cruise

Only one vessel can deliver you to 90º North, the geographic top of the world. Watch in aw from high above the surface as your vessel’s twin nuclear reactors generate 75,000 horsepower, powering the vessel to crush Arctic sea ice as thick as three meters.

  • On this North Pole expedition, you’ll have the opportunity to go aloft in the ship’s helicopter for an aerial tour.
  • On the way to the North Pole you will visit Franz Josef Land historical sites, wildlife and wildflower and make landings with zodiacs.
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A team of people holding a cruise ship by rope at the north pole

Creating life-enhancing travel experiences above and below the Oceans surface. It exhilarates and fascinate, and may extend your personal boundaries.

Ideal for explorers, snorkelers and divers alike.

A snorkeler under the water with an orca swimming past

Snorkeling with Orcas in Norway

The largest gathering of Orcas and Humpback whales in the world take place in the winter months in the Norwegian fjords. Join us for a snorkel and whale watching experience of a life time!

Snorkeling with Orcas in Norway

There have been enormous changes in the ecosystem of the Norwegian Sea. Large numbers of Orcas and Humpback whales feeding on herring in the fjords during the past winters is linked to this. Snorkeling allows us to witness this phenomena under water even better!

  • Join our scheduled 7 day trips on board our comfortable expedition yacht with only 15 guests and two expert guides. We are flexible to find the best wildlife encounters, and follow the herring and the whales for breath taking moments.
  • Snorkel in the crystal clear waters and have the experience of a life time. In the evenings we marvel at the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights!
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An orca breaks the surface with lots of fish trying to escape
A diver inspects some underwater foliage

White Sea Ice Diving Expedition

This expedition is a combination of adventure, wilderness and experiencing the untouched nature of Finland and Russia.

Ice Diving Safari

The White Sea is one of the best places in the world for true sea ice diving and the only sea in Europe to freeze every year. Nature is untouched and wildlife is rich and unique. The scenery is spectacular.

  • A great place for divers to do an Ice Diving Certification or for experienced ice divers to learn more about this unique frozen sea.
  • The underwater world of the White Sea boasts a magnificent sea life and excellent scenery with fantastic underwater ice formations, caverns and fissures.
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Sharks and other fish circle in the water below the camera

Why choose Waterproof…

We like to share with you what we do best: Organizing breathtaking experiences. Whether this is underwater or on land, a private expedition or explorer cruise. With many years of experiential traveling under our belt and exploring, diving and snorkeling in remote and extreme places we speak from firsthand experience.

We like to share this passion with you and feed the mind by educating and inspiring. By breathless moments, and sometimes by extending your personal boundaries.

I have no doubt you are in good hands with Waterproof Cruises and Expeditions.

Marlynda Elstgeest Owner / CEO