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MV Yemaya lets you appreciate the beauty of your environment and gives you the space that you need to have things your way.

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The destinations of our dive expeditions, the islands of Coiba, Malpelo and Cocos, are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites, renowned for their biological importance to mankind and spectacular, dramatic natural beauty. Malpelo and Cocos Islands are situated hundreds of miles from the continent and are complete oceanic/pelagic environments. They are well known for being top world destinations for shark diving and the observation of big marine species.
Aboard MV Yemaya, on our 28-meter-long open deck, different personalities enjoy their trip in their own individual way. The sun worshipper soaks up some rays on a lounge chair, aiming for the perfect tan while her alter ego, the nocturnal nymph, stays in the shaded area all day long. The nature lover walks over to the railing and then looks out to the horizon as he listens to the sounds of the sea, the wind, and the birds. The bookworm is comfortably sprawled on the sofa while she starts on her second novel. Seated at the dining table and drinking his freshly squeezed fruit juice, the amateur photographer carefully reviews his shark photos on his laptop. The party animal is checking out the music collection at the bar for tonight's pre-dinner cocktails. The food critic finally lets go of his self-restraint and asks the chef for a third helping of today's lunch. The quiet one is in her own private corner, simply taking pleasure in her surroundings.
MV Yemaya lets you appreciate the beauty of your environment and gives you the space that you need to have things your way. And just when you think that everything is perfect, your eyelids get heavy and you drift away to a peaceful slumber in this warm, tropical climate…


  • Master Cabin

    The two Master Cabins, with shower, and queen-size bed and includes entertainment centre, with TV and DVD player. The dressing room has marble and tile fixtures, with a vanity unit and glass shower enclosure. This Master Cabin is very spacious with plenty of natural light from several large picture windows with views over the port and starboard sides of M/V Yemaya.

    Prices from
    Master Cabin
    USD 3,080
  • Standard Cabin with Private Bathroom

    There are two Standard Cabins with private bathroom, head and shower. Both cabins have two separate single beds. Both have large picture windows which provide natural lighting and a view of the ocean.

    Prices from
    Standard Cabin
    USD 2,760
  • Standard Cabin with Shared Bathroom

    There are four cabins with two separate single beds that form an “L.” Like all our standard cabins, they have large picture windows for natural lighting and ocean views. Two cabins share one bathroom with shower and head.

    Prices from
    Standard Cabin, shared bath
    USD 2,450

Ship Specifications

  • Length: 115 feet (35 meters)

  • Beam: 24 feet (7.3 meters)

  • Draft: 10 feet (3 meters)

  • Weight 245 tons

  • 115ft custom expedition and dive liveaboard charter vessel

  • Hull material: steel

Dive Skiffs

  • 2 x CaribPro custom designed skiffs 25ft long with 9ft beam; capacity of 10 divers

  • Powered by twin Suzuki 140HP four stroke outboard motors

  • Depth finder, GPS and VHF radio

  • DAN dual emergency 02 and first aid kits

  • Covered dry storage area

  • Life jackets

  • Dive ladder, anchor, warp and drift/tag Lines



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