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Ocean Victory

This stylish expedition ship is one of the most modern small vessels in the polar regions.

Luxury infinity vessel Ocean Victory

The revolutionary Ocean Victory combines the advantages of a small expedition vessel with the stability and comfort of a larger cruise ship. With a maximum capacity of only 189 passengers, it offers an intimate atmosphere with great personal service. Once on board you will quickly find your way around and make new friends. It is easy to get around without any crowds and waiting lines.
The high maneuverability and compact design of Ocean Victory make it possible to take you deeper and further into the most remote areas of our polar regions. At the same time, the special X-bow offers the stability, speed and smooth ride that you would expect on a bigger vessel. Five loading locations provide quick access to the zodiacs, meaning guests can spend more time exploring outside and don’t have to miss any wildlife viewing opportunities.
After an exciting day of exploring outside, you can enjoy the ships many features on board. With two restaurants, a Nordic bar, wellness area including a heated swimming pool, two jacuzzies on deck and several lounge areas, the Ocean Victory truly offers all the comfort you need on an expedition cruise.
Inside you will find nine different types of cabins, all with private bathrooms, unobstructed views and fresh Nordic design. There are several dedicated solo cabins for single travelers and also family Rooms with connecting door.

Environmentally friendly in all aspects

Ocean Victory is 'clean ship certified' and has the least polluting engines available in the world. This results in up to 80% lower emissions than traditional expedition vessels. The ships onboard “Green Initiative Program” includes only bio-degradable and eco-friendly products, eliminating single use plastics, offering sustainable seafood and organic fair-trade coffee and teas.

Ocean Victory is a sistership to Ocean Albatros.


Ship Specifications

• Year Built: 2021
• Crew: 100
• Pax Capacity: 189 (93 cabins)
• Length: 104,4 m
• Breadth: 18,4 m
• Draft: 5,1 m
• X-Bow for more stability and comfort
• Polar code Class 6
• Highest Ice Class 1A
• 4 diesel engines and 2 electro engines
• Hydraulic observation platforms
• Activity platform
• Bird’s eye viewing platform
• Nordic Bar lounge
• Observation Lounge
• Polar Spa / Wellness area / Gym
• Modern lecture lounge and Polar library
• Restaurant on deck 5
• Observation speciality restaurant on deck 9
• Infinity pool, jacuzzies and pool bar
• Medical Clinic

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