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MV Janssonius

MV Janssonius is an innovative polar vessel that will take you to the most beautiful remote regions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

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MV Janssonius

MV Janssonius is a new vessel created to meet the high standards for ice-strengthened cruise ships. This makes it the perfect ship for polar expeditions. MV Janssonius is a flexible, advanced and innovative touring vessel in the polar regions that will provide you great up-close experiences in the Arctic and Antarctica.

The MV Janssonius is one of the most environmentally friendly expedition vessels to sail the polar oceans.
It's innovative power systems are made especially to keep the fuel consumption and CO2 levels of the ship as low as possible. To ensure your comfort while crossing the vast polar seas, the MV Janssonius has two advanced stabilizers that will keep the ship as steady as possible.

MV Janssonius offers 80 luxurious cabins for 170 passengers while keeping an expedition-style athmosphere. On deck 5 of Janssonius you will find a spacious observation lounge with seperate lecture room, which will be used for workshops, exhibitions and performances during the journey.
To quickly get all guests in zodiacs to go on land in the most remote and unique locations, MV Janssonius has two gangways and an indoor embarkation platform that can also be used for kayaking activities.


Ship Specifications

  • Passangers: 170 in 80 cabins

  • Staff & crew: 72

  • Length: 107.6 meters

  • Width: 17.6 meters

  • Draft: 5.30 meters

  • Ice class: Polar class 6 (equivalent 1A-Super)

  • Speed: 15 knots

Call us today on +31 (0) 858 771 583

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Call us today on +31 (0) 858 771 583