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Ultimate Expeditions

A safari camp on the ice to watch Narwals or Polar bear cubs in the wild. Unique wildlife encounters ideal for keen photographers and experienced travellers!

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Expeditions for adventurous souls with a flexible attitude!

Spend your holiday in a safari camp on the ice for unique wildlife encounters, follow the footsteps of the great explorers to the South Pole and spend time amongst thousands of Emperor penguins. With itineraries that go off the beaten track and tailored private expeditions we create your dreamtrip. Together with friends and family or just for you.
It's never just a trip, but a bucket full of long lasting memories!

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"Private, flexible and unique. That was just what we were looking for. The unique wildlife encounters we experienced are in my memories for ever. The intimate relaxed atmosphere made the experience even more special. Thank you Waterproof for organising such a special adventure for our family."

John Russell & family