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The ultimate deep sea adventure awaits you on board a submarine!

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Submarine Experiences

There is still so much to explore in the deep sea. Let a submarine take you below the surface to discover the magical world beneath the waves. Whether that's in the tropics or the polar regions, a submarine experience will be the most awe-inspiring adventure anyone could imagine. There are several ways for you to enjoy a submarine experience and witness underwater life with a 360° panoramic view.

Submarine adventures

Always dreamed of operating a submersible yourself? We offer exclusive piloting courses! These courses vary from 1-day submarine introductions in which you will gain insight in the world of submersible diving, to professional submarine piloting courses.
If you prefer to experience the deep sea while on an expedition cruise, have a look at expedition ship Scenic Eclipse which has a small submarine on board! During your cruise you will step on board the submarine to explore the under water world. A true 'in-depth' exploration of your destination!
For yacht owners or people looking for the most exclusive sub experiences, there is the opportunity to charter a submarine. Compact and luxurious private submarines especially designed to fit aboard superyachts will open up the deep blue world to yacht owners.

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