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Sail from Europe into the Arctic

Explore the North Atlantic: Fair Isle - Jan Mayen - Ice edge - Spitsbergen

Expedition Cruise to the Arctic Ocean

In summer 2022 you will have the unique opportunity to sail into the Arctic from multiple European ports! The voyages start in Vlissingen, (the Netherlands) Aberdeen, (Scotland) or Bremerhaven (Germany) and takes you on an expedition from the North Sea all the way up to the Arctic. Enjoy your expedition cruise to the full on board the new vessels MV Hondius and MV Janssonius.
On these voyages you will visit Aberdeen, Fair Isle (the Shetlands) and Jan Mayen island before heading futher north to sail along the ice edge towards the archipelageo of Svalbard. Expect an abundance of wildlife along the route, with great opportunities for bird spotting and whale watching.

Only 2 departures in 2022, prices from € 2350 pp for 9 nights on board!

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Highlights of this Expedition Cruise

Cruise the North Atlantic

• New luxury expedition vessels for only 170 passagiers: MV Hondius or MV Janssonius
• Departures from Aberdeen, Scotland; Vlissingen, the Netherlands and Bremerhaven, Germany.
• Unique sea voyage from the North Sea to the Arctic Ocean
• Incredible opportunities for bird watching throuhgout the voyage
• Visit the famous Jan Mayen weather station
• Enjoy the midnight sun while sailing North
• Good chances for seeing whales, orcas and sea birds
• Sail along the ice edge
• Visit Svalbard and possibly spot polar bears
• Only 2 departures in 2022!

Fair Isle, Shetlands

A haven for sea birds

Fair Isle, in Shetland, is not only famous for its traditional knitted jumpers, though these might come in handy when travelling north towards the Arctic. The island is particularly rich in wildlife. Fair Isle is a haven for many types of birds, some endemic to the island, and you may also spot some grey seals on the beach while you take a walk along one of the coastal paths. Roam around on your own and visit the local manufacturers and artists that live here. Or opt for a hike across the island and visit the lighthouses which are situated on top of the cliffs on either end of Fair Isle.

Jan Mayen

Snow-capped volcanic island

The rugged Norwegian island of Jan Mayen is our first stop in the Arctic. Hardly anyone ever visits the island because it's simply too hard to reach. Only a handfull of military planes land here each year to transport the scientists that do research here. For everyone else it's almost impossible to reach Jan Mayen. The remote island is dominated by the active volcano Mt Beerenberg and largely covered in glaciers. Weather permitting, you might land on one of the volcanic black beaches for a guided hike across the island with pickup on the other side. Interesting places on the island are the Norwegian weather station which survived multiple bombings during WW2, and the remains of a 17th century Dutch whaling station. 
The waters around Jan Mayen are also a great places to see different types of whales like minke, fin, blue whales and even orcas. And on land you might find several species of sea birds that nest here. 


Along the ice edge

The ship will take you as far north as possible, all the way to the ice edge east of Greenland. Reaching this vast stretch of multiyear sea ice is truly a spectacular sight. The ship will navigate deep into the ice to completely immerge in the environment. This is the perfect place for spotting whales, seals, sea birds and maybe even polar bears.
After 2-3 days exploring the arctic ice, you will continue towards the western coast of Svalbard. Places you might visit are Forlandsundet, a good spot for seeing walruses, or Isfjorden where you have a chance of viewing arctic foxes and nesting sea birds. The cruise will conclude in Longyearbyen, from where you can either head home or opt for an extra few days in this magical polar capital. 

Dates & Rates

May/June 2022

Departure from Vlissingen 
• 15 May - 26 May 2022 (11 nights) or 26 May -  7 June 2022 (12 nights)
• Quadruple Porthole from € 2550 pp
• Twin Porthole from € 3350 pp

Departure from Aberdeen
• 17 May - 26 May 2022 (9 nights)
• Quadruple Porthole from € 2350 pp
• Twin Porthole from € 2850 pp

Departure from Bremerhaven
• 28 May -  7 June 2022 (10 nights)
• Quadruple Porthole from € 2600 pp
• Twin Porthole from € 3700 pp

More cabin categories available on request.

Voyages include:

• All meals, snacks, coffee and tea.
• All shore excursions and activities by zodiac.
• Lectures by noted naturalists.
• Free use of rubber boots and snowshoes.
• All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the programme.