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Private Charter Yachts & Live-Aboards

Great adventures with smaller groups. Tailor-made charter trips for your family and friends. Or join a live-aboard for a dive & snorkel trip or active cruise holiday.

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Private charters and like minded travellers

Travel on board a small yacht or live-aboard and enjoy the privileges of travelling with your own private group or like minded travellers ! We offer dedicated diving & snorkeling live-aboards, from the Galapagos Islands and French Polynesia to the cold waters of Norway or Antarctica.

Private yacht charters

If you prefer to choose your own travel partners and enjoy a private expedition, than a private charter is your thing ! Bring your friends and family and we create the most memorable experience you can imagine. Comfortabel and secure and with your own itinerary. No need to visit large crowded ports or tourist destinations. With a private yacht charter you can simply travel to the places you want to see. From secluded islands in the tropics to the most remote spots in the polar regions. Chartering a yacht gives you the opportunity to explore the most beautiful places of our blue planet on your own terms. Our experts will personally discuss your wishes of itinerary and activitities and services on board.

Below you will find our selection of yachts we offer for private charters. Some sail only in a designated area (e.g. the Galapagos), others can be chartered to sail anywhere you like. The possibilities are endless. Together we will find the ideal yacht and create a tailor-made expedition to your wishes.