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Experience snorkeling in the most unique parts of the world! From a dedicated snorkeling voyage in Norway, to an afternoon of snorkeling during your expedition to Antarctica.

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Easy and fun for everyone!

Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions has invented a great activity: Polar Snorkeling. Especially designed for travelers who have no diving experience but do want to discover the underwater world of Antarctica and the Arctic. It's our passion to share the beauty of the oceans with our passengers. Therefor we offer various types of snorkeling trips, from dedicated snorkeling expeditions where the main focus is to go snorkeling every day, to snorkeling excursions during an expedition cruise. 
Besides Polar Snorkeling we also offer dedicated snorkeling trips to warmer places like the Galapagos Islands, Tonga and Argentina where you can swim with whales. 

Snorkeling expeditions

Dedicated snorkeling voyages

On a dedicated snorkeling expedition we will try to go snorkeling every day. The guides are constantly on the lookout for wildlife. When they spot a good opportunity to go snorkeling, everybody get's their gear on and goes into the water. In Norway we snorkel with whales and orcas. In Antarctica you might meet pinguins and seals under water. But of course, it doesn't have to be cold. Snorkeling in the tropics is also great fun! You can swim with humpback whales in Tonga or get close to Southern Right whales in Peninsula Valdés, Argentina. The guides will always go out on the water with you and make sure not to distrub the animals and to keep a safe distance. 

For Polar Snorkeling we provide you with a comfortabel Waterproof polar snorkel dry-suit and snorkel equipment. On an excursion we might stay in the water for several hours. The snorkel dry suit will keep you warm and also makes you float on the water. You don't need to stay under the surface the entire time. Just relax in the surf close to a beach and admire the scenery and animals from the water. Read more about Polar Snorkeling

Snorkeling activity

Explore above and below the surface

Snorkeling allows you to see the beauty of a destination both above and below the surface. That's why we offer the opportunity to go (polar) snorkeling on several expedition cruises. The aim is to go snorkeling a few times during your voyage. Experience is not needed and equipment will be provided to you on board. This is an optional activity that can be added on to your voyage. 

Are you interested in snorkeling? Please search for trips using the filter 'Activities - Snorkeling'. Or contact us for personal advice. 

Please note: Snorkeling activities on designated trips often need a minimum number of participants. The activity is dependent on weather conditions and our guides will descide if it's safe to go into the water close to wildlife. Our experts will provide snorkellers with professional support and clear procedures to ensure a safe snorkeling experience.