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Polar Snorkeling

Get in the water and discover an exciting world below the surface

Polar Snorkeling

Discover the polar regions below the surface

The snorkelling operation managed by the Waterproof Expeditions team relies on more than 15 years of experience. We combine the highest level of safety with quality snorkeling. The polar snorkel experts have experienced many extreme situations in the field and are trained to find the best opportunities for snorkelling, taking into account unpredictable weather and ice conditions. Some of the best encounters we had with large mammals, like leopard seals and humpback whales, were by polar snorkelling.

We offer both dedicated snorkel voyages, as well as expedition cruises where you have the opportunity to go snorkeling. For more detailed information and questions about our expeditions or polar snorkelling please contact us. We're happy to give you expert advise. 

Practical and safe Polar Snorkeling

Preparing for Polar Snorkeling

If you want to go polar snorkeling we advise you to have some previous snorkel experience. However you don't need any (scuba) diving experience. Before we start the snorkeling activities we do a check-out snorkel to familiarize yourself with the buoyance of the dry suit, to adjust your mask and snorkel, and to feel the cold temperature of the water. Prior to each excursion there will be a briefing. Afterwards we get into the zodiac and go to the snorkel site, or a beach, where you can go into the water. There is always a guide accompanying you on the snorkel excursions who stays in the zodiac.  In case you feel uncomfortable during the excursion you can get out of the water at any moment. While snorkelling we hope to encounter a lot of marine life. Depending on your destinations you might find yourself swimming with whales, orcas, penguins and seals. 

Let's go Polar Snorkeling!

Number of snorkel excursions

We aim to go snorkelling 2 times per day (except for days sailing out at sea), however we can’t guarantee this frequency as it depends on ice and weather conditions. Trip itineraries are a guideline, we will always try to hold to the itinerary as much as possible but safety is our number one priority. Since this is an expedition to a remote part of the world, unpredictable weather conditions, availability of anchorages, wind conditions and other factors beyond our control will always dictate when it is safe to make go snorkeling.

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Tips for Polar Snorkeling

Is it your first time snorkeling?

  • It's not possible to wear glasses underneath your snorkel mask. If you have bad eyesight we advise to wear contact lenses or use prescription goggles. 

  • Never snorkel if you don’t feel comfortable. There is lots to see from the ship and on land too. 

  • Be flexible and patient during the expedition. Some snorkel excursions may be changed or cancelled due to the ever-changing weather and ice.

  • If you have any problems or concerns, never hesitate to ask our guides for help

Ready for a Polar Snorkeling expedition?

Are you convinced Polar Snorkeling is the perfect activity for you? Search for expeditions using the filter 'Activities - Snorkeling'. Or contact us for personal advice. 

Please note: Snorkeling activities often need a minimum number of participants. The activity is dependent on weather conditions and our guides will descide if it's safe to go into the water. Our experts will provide snorkellers with professional support and clear procedures to ensure a safe snorkeling experience.

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