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Polar Diving

Dive in the icy polar water to see amazing ice formations and marine life seemingly from another planet.

Polar Diving

Slide into a cold underwater world

The Waterproof Expedition team, relies on more than 15 years of experience in polar diving. We combine quality diving with the highest level of safety. Our polar diving guides have lots of experience in extreme situations and are trained to find the best diving opportunities while taking into account the unpredictable weather and ice conditions. 

We offer dedicated diving voyages, as well as expedition cruises where you have the opportunity to go diving. For more detailed information and questions about our expeditions or polar diving please contact us. We're happy to give you expert advise.

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Preparing for Polar Diving

For experienced cold water divers

These voyages are not suitable for beginners. Although polar diving is not considered "technical" diving, the conditions and gear required to dive safely do call for experience and training. It requires an extensive amount of additional equipment for the cold weather and water, and a higher level of diving experience because of the remote location. You must be an experienced diver and familiar with cold water diving with at least 20 accredited dry suit dives. You will have to show an internationally accepted diving certificate, diver’s log book and a statement from your doctor (not older than two years) proving you’re physically healthy to practice scuba diving. If our dive master feels that a diver doesn’t meet the requirements, he can decide to exclude the diver from the dive program to ensure everyone’s safety. In such case, Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions cannot be held (financially) responsible and does not grant any claims. All divers are required to follow the instructions of the dive master and guides at all times. All participants are diving at their own risk, which is also the while doing excursions on land.

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Dive sites

A unique experience, even for the most experienced divers

We always dive in a controlled environment, like a small grounded iceberg, an ice shelf, a zodiac or from the shore. We don’t dive through a hole in the ice. The depth of the dive sites varies up to a maximum of 20 meters / 60 feet. 
We aim to make 2 dives per day (except for days sailing at sea), however we can’t guarantee this as it depends on ice and weather conditions. Trip itineraries are a guideline, we will always try to hold to the itinerary as much as possible but safety is our number one priority. Since this is an expedition to a remote part of the world, unpredictable weather and ice conditions will always dictate whether it's safe to dive.
While diving along the ice floes, the combination of sunlight and ice create an overwhelming range of blue colours you will never forget. Below the surface there is typical marine life such as sea squirts, squat lobsters, many species of starfish, spider crabs and anemones. And depending on your destinations you might find yourself swimming with whales, orcas, penguins and seals!

Diving procedures

Stay safe while polar diving

Diving in the remote polar regions is no more dangerous than normal scuba diving as long as one important rule is adhered to: Safety First!  The voyage will start with a check-dive so all divers can get used to the cold water and adjust their weighting and equipment. All dives will be done using a 'buddy system'. If you don’t have a dive buddy, one will be assigned to you. Before each dive there will be a briefing about the location, weather and ice conditions, and the procedure of the dive. The divers are expected to be experienced enough to read their instruments and look after each other with good buddy techniques in order to dive safely. You and your dive buddy plan the dive together, remain at arms-length throughout the dive, and descent and surface together. The dive guide will follow the divers in the zodiac, there is no guide leading the dive under water. This procedure allows for the quickest response in case of an emergency.

Ready for a Polar Diving expedition?

Are you convinced Polar Diving is the perfect activity for you? Search for polar diving expeditions using the filter 'Activities - Scuba Diving'. Or contact us for personal advice. 

Please note: Diving activities on expedition cruises sometimes need a minimum number of participants. The activity is dependent on weather conditions and our guides will descide if it's safe to go into the water. Our experts will provide divers with professional support and clear procedures to ensure a safe diving experience.

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