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Photography - Make the most beautiful photo's, sometimes with a short training by professional wildlife photographers.

  • Professional photographerPhotography

  • Beautiful scenery and wildlife images

  • Workshops

  • Underwater photography

  • Topside photography

  • Cinematography

Throughout the cruise there will be numerous opportunities to photograph and capture your most amazing memories.
Whether it is for your own personal satisfaction or to show your friends and family when you get home, you expect your images to be of high quality and easy to look at. From multimedia presentations to group workshops on the outer decks or in a Zodiac, the onboard Professional photographer will offer advice and instruction on how to shoot your best image. Whether it be sitting quietly in the middle of a penguin rookery, visiting quaint historic sites or enjoying the thrill of whale and leopard seal encounters amongst the icebergs, there are an overwhelming number of opportunities to snap to your heart’s content. Catering to both amateurs and the more serious photographer, the on board professional will pass on tips to get the most out of your equipment and the unique wildlife conditions. You can ask questions to "tweak" your own work and then stay alongside our resident expert on each excursion, gaining valuable improvements to your own work as he/she relates their own career's experiences.  

Who can participate?
The onboard photographer will be available to help anyone with a camera and an interest in being creative. 

What is provided?
The photographic expert and lots of opportunity for great things to happen. The destination provides the awesome wildlife and scenery. 

What you need to bring?
You need to bring your camera with data cards, sufficient storage capacity for your photos for the entire voyage, a spare battery for your camera (if possible), the battery charger, the USB download cable and your camera manual. The camera manual is especially important if the camera is new to you and you want some help in figuring it out. 

Special: Underwater photography in the Polar Regions