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With a helicopter you can get even closer to the heart of untouched polar wildlife, allowing to set foot onto some of the world's most remote landscapes of the North Pole and Antarctica.

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  • Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the polar wilderness from above

  • Get closer to the heart of untouched wildlife

  • Groups from around 4 to 6

  • Intructions from the pilot, expedition leader and deck party officer

  • Available on selected Antarctica & Arctic Cruises

A helicopter flight itself is already very special. But what could it make any better? Flying over Antarctica of course! Expeditions where they offer a helicopter flight are available on selected Antarctica Cruises.  Please reach out to one of our team members to find out which one.

Helicopter Operation & Procedures:

• Seat belts
• Life jackets
• Life rafts
• Survival equipment
• Emergency escape hatches

When we have a helicopter ship born operation, all passengers will receive a mandatory helicopter briefing prior to the operation. Anyone who doens't attend the briefing, is not allowed to board the helicopter. Besides that, passengers that will board the helicopter need to sign a waiver form. A person who doesn't sign the waiver form will not be allowed to fly.

Normal procedures is that you will be divided in groups of 4 or 6 (depending on seats in helicopter). It is not always possible to fly together with people you prefer. When you receive a group number this cannot be changed. A dry run with your group will be made while practicing the whole procedure. This will include being called to the muster station, dress properly, walk the route to the helicopter and enter the helicopter (when on deck, but without running engines). 

Before departure:

A dry run with your group will be made while practicing the whole procedure. You will experience that helicopter operations are time-consuming. Before we can start with transferring passengers a recognizance flight will be made and when a suitable landing site on shore has been found, safety equipment needs to be transferred.

What you should know:

Helicopter operations can be influenced by a lot of factors, such as but not limited to weather, sea and sea-ice conditions, flying time/distance restrictions, visibility and (helicopter related) technical issues/breakdowns. We will only operate helicopters when this can be done within safe-limits. We can never guarantee that helicopter operations will take place, the can be cancelled at the last moment. It is also an acknowledgement that you understand that helicopter operations are special and require extra caution.