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From kayaking around pristine icebergs to diving and polar snorkeling in Antarctica! With a wide range of activities you are more than a spactator to the wonders of our world.

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Optional activities

On various cruises you can choose to participate in one or more activities. It's great fun and enhances your cruise experience. For some activities we require previous experience but for most you don’t need to be an expert. We recommend to be physically fit when you participate. The excursions usually take place in small groups. Our on-board guides will give instructions and will lead the group.

When you have found a trip on our website, check the dates and rates panel to see which activities are offered on that voyage. Or use the 'activities' filter in our searchbox on the top right corner to search for trips with specific activities.

  • Polar Camping

    Camping with emperor penguins

    Polar Camping

    Polarcamping offers you the chance to spend a night out on the ice, beneath the stars, like a true...

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  • Helicopter


    Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Antarctic wilderness from above and get closer to the heart of...

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  • Kayaking


    Led by experienced guides, kayaking in small groups allows us to paddle between the icebergs and...

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  • Polar Diving

    Polar Diving

    Dive in the icy polar water to see amazing ice formations and marine life seemingly from another...

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  • Polar Snorkeling

    Polar Snorkeling

    Discover the polar regions both above and below the surface while snorkeling.

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  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba Diving

    A diving excursion while expedition cruising is a great opportunity for divers with non-diving...

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  • Snorkeling


    Experience snorkeling in the most unique parts of the world!

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  • Snow Shoeing

    Snow Shoeing

    There are several options of 2 to 3 different guided showshoewalks per landing (easy to...

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  • Photography


    From multimedia presentations to group workshops on the outer decks or in a Zodiac, the onboard...

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  • Skiing


    Reach the world's most remote places, to ski where few people have ever wondered before

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  • Submarine Diving

    Submarine Activity

    Discover the mysterious deep sea on board a small submarine!

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  • Stand Up Paddling

    Stand Up Paddling

    Sup calmly through the Antarctic waters and manoeuvre carefully in between icebergs.

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  • Whale Watching

    Whale Watching

    Our selection of Whale Watching cruises and expeditions are specially designed for ‘Whale...

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