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Experiencing new activities is great fun. With the scope of activities offered, you can choose your favorite cruise. From kayaking around pristine icebergs to snow shoe walking, diving in colourfull coral reefs or even Polar snorkeling in Antarctica!

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Optional activities

On various cruises you can choose to participate in one or more activity. It is great fun and enhances your cruise experience while kayaking or snorkelling or snowshoeing or camping etc. For some activities we require previous experience but for other activities you don’t need to be an expert. We recommend to be physically fit when you participate. Check the dates and rates panel in the cruise or vessel of your choice to see the offer. Click on the icon or read more for details...


Kayaking - Calmly paddle in total silence


  • Experience a more intimate connection with the environmentKayaking

  • Excellent leadership by an expert Kayak Master

  • Group program participation is limited

  • All equipment and gear provided

  • Available on selected cruises

  • Surcharge may apply 

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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving - Between icebergs or coral reefs

  • Excellent for divers with a non-diving partner and still enjoy the same cruiseScuba Diving

  • Exploring new dive sites in far away destinations

  • Witness beautiful sea spiders, nudibranchs, soft corals seals and whales

  • A full concept of the destination above – and underwater

  • For certified divers only

  • Warm water diving and ice cold water diving (polar diving)

  • Available on selected cruises

  • Polar Diving exclusively with Waterproof!

  • Surcharge for activity applies

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Snorkeling - Easy, fun and for everyone!


  • Underwater explorationSnorkeling

  • Swimming with seals

  • Polar Snorkeling around icebergs 

  • Specially designed snorkel suits

  • Experienced snorkel guides

  • Surcharge for activity applies

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Whale Watching

Whale Watching


  • Whale tail excitementWhale Watching

  • Orcas, Humback Whales, Minky Whales, Sperm Whales

  • Photography and Whale Watching from deck

  • Snorkeling with Orcas in Norway

  • Close encounters from your zodiac 

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Photography - Make everlasting memories


  • PhotographyBeautiful scenery and wildlife images

  • Workshops by professional photographers

  • Underwater and topside photography

  • Cinematography

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Snow Shoeiing

Snow Shoeiing - Like skiing, but without the planks. Instead we use tennisrackets.


  • Explore the landscape and gain unique vantage pointsSnowshoeiing

  • Led by an expert mountaineering guide

  • Group program with limited participants

  • All equipment and gear provided

  • Available on selected Antarctica and Arctic Cruises

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Cross Country Skiing - Go walkabout on some sort of long planks, glide between the wildlife


  • Cross Country skiingSkiing

  • Available on selected cruises

  • Sail and ski

  • Surcharge for activity applies


Camping - Spend the night in a tent with only stars above you


  • Experience - albeit it in a more comfortable and civilised fashion - the feelings of the early Antarctic explorersCamping

  • Camping with only the sound of silence

  • Sleeping in the middle of the wild

  • Penguins in the morning

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