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Antarctica & South Georgia

Ga mee op onze expeditiecruise naar Antarctica en South Georgia met slechts 50 personen!

Datum: 05 - 24 februari 2024 (20 dagen)
Schip: Polar Pioneer - 50 gasten
Deze reis is niet meer beschikbaar. Contacteer ons voor andere reizen naar Antarctica & South Georgia.

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Combineer de hoogtepunten van het Antarctisch Schiereiland met een uitgebreide verkenning van South Georgia.

Ons geliefde kleine expeditieschip Polar Pioneer is terug en in februari 2024 varen we weer naar Antarctica en de prachtige eilanden van South Georgia! Tijdens deze uitgebreide 20-daagse reis combineren we de hoogtepunten van het Antarctisch Schiereiland met een uitgebreide verkenning van South Georgia. Polar Pioneer is het kleinste expeditieschip wat in Antarctica vaart. Met maar 50 passagiers aan boord voelt het als een privé expeditie. Zo'n kleine groep is ideaal om plekken met veel wildlife te bezoeken zoals South Georgia. En februari is prime-time voor wildlife! Pinguïnkuikens zijn al uitgekomen, de zeehonden pups beginnen voor het eerst rond te waggelen en ook de jonge albatrossen komen uit hun ei.
We hebben het voordeel van maar liefst 20 uur licht per dag, waardoor we veel tijd hebben voor excursies en activiteiten. Naast wandelingen en tochtjes met de zodiac bieden we voor de avontuurlijke liefhebbers ook de mogelijkheid om te poolsnorkelen! Tijdens de landingen, of middels lezingen aan boord, delen onze ervaren Waterproof gidsen graag hun kennis over de poolgebieden met u. Zo wordt het niet alleen een actieve reis, maar ook een leerrijke ervaring.

In de voetsporen van Sir Ernest Shackleton

Onze expeditiecruise neemt u mee op een reis door de geschiedenis, in de voetsporen van de bereoemde poolreiziger Sir Ernest Shackleton. Zijn schip, de Endurance, zonk voor de kust van Antarctica in november 1915 en werd pas zeer recent teruggevonden op de bodem van de Weddellzee. Op South Georgia kunnen we een deel van zijn legendarische overlevingstocht reconstrueren en bezoeken we het walvisstation van Stromness, waar hij en zijn mannen uiteindelijk redding vonden. Een andere belangrijke plaats is Grytviken. Het startpunt van de legendarische Endurance-expeditie en tevens de laatste rustplaats van de 'Boss', zoals Shakleton werd genoemd.

Ons Expeditieschip: MV Polar Pioneer

Voor deze reis hebben we de Polar Pioneer gechartered. Een expeditieschip waar we al veel reizen mee hebben gemaakt, zowel in Antarctica als het Noordpoolgebied, en we zijn erg enthousiast om er opnieuw een expeditiecruise mee te plannen. Polar Pioneer is nog steeds hetzelfde stoere schip, maar nu met een stuk meer comfort aan boord. Afgelopen tijd heeft het namelijk een flinke opknapbeurt en nieuw interieur gekregen.
Het schip kan op plaatsen komen die niet toegankelijk zijn voor schepen met meer dan 50 gasten, maar toch groot genoeg om comfortabel te zijn. Er is plaats iedereen tegelijk in de zodiacs, waardoor wachttijden om aan land te gaan tot een minimum worden beperkt.

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Antarctica & South Georgia

Hoogtepunten van deze expeditiecruise

• Slechts 50 gasten aan boord!
• Met het vernieuwde schip Polar Pioneer
• Echt 'expeditie-stijl' reizen
• Extra veel tijd in South Georgia
• Optionele Snorkelactiviteit
• Maar liefst 7 gidsen aan boord

  • Het Antarctisch Schiereiland

    Our voyage starts from Ushuaia. After we exit the Beagle Channel we find ourselves on the open ocean for a 2-day crossing of the Drake Passage. During our sea voyage you might see albatrosses and storm petrels flying alongside the ship, so it's always worth having a look outside. Once we arrive in the calmer waters off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, we will generally plan landings and zodiac excursions two to three times a day. Sometimes we will cruise along spectacular ice cliffs, watch whales that are feeding near the surface or go ashore for a hike and a close encounter with penguins. In between landings you can enjoy lectures about the wildlife, geology, history and geography of the Antarctic Peninsula.
    Places we might visit include islands of the coast of Antarctica as well as locations on the continent itself. Like Paradise Harbour, a protected bay surrounded by magnificent mountain peaks and spectacular glaciers. The wildlife-rich Half Moon Islandwhere a large Chinstrap penguin rookery lives between basaltic turrets coloured by yellow and orange lichens. Volcanic Deception Island with black beaches and steam rising from hot springs along the shore. And the famous Lemaire Channel where the water is often so still that it perfectly reflects the high cliffs that rise on both sides of the ice-packed channel. Throughout our voyage we'll keep an eye out for wildife, as leopard seals, whales and penguins may show themselves at any time!

  • Het Eiland South Georgia

    Our voyage from Antarctica to South Georgia will take 2 to 3 days. During our crossing we might stop at the South Orkney Islands for a visit to the Argentine scientific station Orcadas Base, before we sail the final stretch to South Georgia.
    South Georgia is a tiny island in the Southern Ocean, one of the most isolated places on our planet. A steep mountain range traces the spine of this long, narrow island, creating a breathtaking backdrop when wildlife watching and photographing.
    Unlike Antarctica, where hardly any remnants of human activity can be found, South Georgia has a long and turbulent history of human interference. In Grytviken, the Elepahnt Seals sleep amidst the ruins of factory buildings. Abandoned ships lie sunken alongside the old docks and holes in concrete walls remind us of the more recent Falkland's War, which started here. The famous polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton was laid to rest at Grytviken. We hope to visit the cross his men erected on a hill looking out over Cumberland Bay. As we explore South Georgia, we will have the opportunity to reflect on Shackleton’s epic journey.

  • St. Andrews Bay

    The sandy black beach is a resting place for hundreds of Elephant seals that haul out on the shore to moult. Behind the beach, the sight and sound of tens upon tens of thousands of King penguins at different stages of their breeding cycle will be overwhelming. The glacial river that runs into the sea here will be alive with penguin chicks and Elephant seal pups testing their aquatic skills. If we lift our gaze from the wildlife for a moment, we will glimpse the snow-capped peaks of some of the world's most spectacular mountains and glaciers.


    Imagine indented bays lined with bleached whalebones, teeming with Fur seals and penguin chicks waiting for their parents. Here you have the opportunity to clamber through the tussock to a spectacular plateau offering magnificent views across the island and the waters beyond. A careful descent leads us to a magnificent Macaroni penguin rookery.

  • Prion Island

    We will aim to visit Prion Island where we can sit quietly to see serene albatrosses sitting proudly on their eggs or watch their cute downy chicks. We may be blessed by the performance of an intimate courtship dance, or may witness a youngster being lovingly fed. We might see adolescents exercising their wide wing spans, trying to launch themselves into the air, as they realise that mum and dad will no longer feed them and they must leave the island in search of food.

    Salisbury Plain

    With around 60.000 pairs of King Penguins, Salisbury Plain is home to the second largest colony in the world. No surprise is has been the focus of countless nature documentaries throughout the years. It is one of our favorite sites on South Georgia, even though landing here is not always possible since the area is not sheltered from the large ocean swells.

  • Stanley - Falkland Eilanden

    We leave South Georgia behind us and head north towards the Falkland Islands. Our adventure ends in Stanley, the tiny capital of the Islands. This village-size town has a lot to explore along its' sheltered harbour. From here you can make your way home or extend your journey with a few more days of exploring. The Falklands are another natural gem, offering an abundance of wildlife that is usually easy to approach. You will find a spectacular variation of birdlife here, including five types of penguin (Gentoo, King, Macaroni, Magellanic and Rockhopper). The scenic beauty of the islands creates the perfect backdrop for your wildlife photography. From white sandy beaches to high cliffs, there's a different scenery in every direction you look.

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Flights from Falklands to Punta Arenas

Our voyage ends in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. There is only one flight per week from the Falkland Islands to Punta Arenas (Chile). You can either choose to extend your stay with one week, or fly out on the day of disembarkation. 

We will aim to arrive in Port Stanley (Falklands) in the evening of the 23rd of February 2024, in order for you to comfortably make the flight on the 24th of February. The captain will always keep an eye on the weather conditions and will adapt his schedule in order for the ship to arrive in time. Please find the flight schedule below.

Airline: Latam Airlines 
Date: 24 Feb 2024
Departure: Mount Pleasant (MPN) Falkland Islands: 13:57
Arrival: Punta Arenas (PUQ) Chile: 15:39
Total flight time: 1 hrs 45
Ticket price: starting from Euro 250 pp

Expeditie Activiteiten


Optioneel: $ 850 pp

Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions has invented the fun activity Polar Snorkeling back in 2010. Over the years it has proven to be an exceptional way to explore the polar regions’ marine life. During this voyage you might get the chance to snorkel alongside floating icebergs or near a beach where penguins shoot in and out of the water. A once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the Southern Ocean below the surface and an activity only few people have ever attempted! 

Please note, the number of snorkeling spots during this voyage is limited. Our snorkeling activity depends on the weather and ice conditions so we can’t guarantee a certain number of outings. 

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This expedition is a great opportunity for nature photographers who want quality time with the (sub)antarctic wildlife and landscape. On board Polar Pioneer you will find a large deck space with raised areas making her perfect for photography from the ship. As our voyage takes place mid-season, this expedition will yield extraordinary photographic opportunities. You will enjoy long days, resulting in plenty of light for photography. Excursions by zodiac take you in among the icebergs where we might find seals resting and we will attempt frequent landings to photograph penguins. During this voyage we will spend more days on South Georgia than most other expedition cruises, offering you enough time to get excellent pictures. We will visit locations that are often featured in nature and wildlife documentaries. Among our expedition guides there are several expert (underwater) photographers who are happy to assist you and will share their experience and knowledge about photography in the polar regions.