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Een expeditiecruise aan boord van een klein schip is de ideale manier om de meest afgelegen plekken te ontdekken.

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Expedition cruising is the way to get to those special places, remote islands and fascinating small harbors of the world. With small ship cruising you get to unique destinations where large ships, simply can't go. It's an entertaining and efficient way to travel. You unpack once and wake up in a new place every day. You travel with a group of like-minded people and get to experience the wildlife, culture and nature of the destination upclose and personal. Being on a small expedition ship has its advantages, as you can spend more time exploring instead of waiting your turn to make a landing. We optimize every opportunity to show you the best of a destination. Each day on a small ship expedition cruise is a new adventure with several landings and activities.
While on board the ship you can also visit the bridge anytime you want, get informative lectures and or enjoy a talk with the officers and captain.

Expert guides

The team on board expedition ships usually consists of guides, naturalists and science-oriented guest lecturers who give presentations on the culture, history, geology, biology and ecology of their vessel's destinations. Sometimes profressional photographers join on board for special workshops and to help you take amazing pictures of the wildlife and scenery. They take great pride in sharing their knowledge to ensure you experience all facts and don’t miss anything, while keeping your safe!
We use Zodiac inflatable crafts instead of conventional tenders. This may require more agility transferring to and from the ship, but often the destination is a beach or rocky shoreline lacking any sort of a pier, necessitating a "wet landing" (having to jump over the side into the water and wade to shore).
Once ashore, groups are often divided up into smaller packs based on fitness level and interest, with the heartier travelers taking off on hikes of various degrees or long kayaking outings while others take a leisurely, naturalist-led walk along a shoreline to look in tidepools or search for rare birds.