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What to pack for an expedition cruise

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What to pack for a polar cruise or expedition?

When packing for a polar cruise or expedition, don’t weigh yourself down with too many clothes. Storage space is often limited on board. It's advisable to pack your luggage in a soft-sided, collapsible bag or trolley that can be easily stored away. Select informal, practical clothing for your trip that can be worn in layers. For a Polar Snorkeling expedition you will require some specific items.

What to pack for a polar expedition cruise?

Unless stated otherwise, the dress code on board expedition cruises is informal. Bring casual and comfortable clothing, underwear and socks. Keep in mind that much of the scenery is best appreciated outside from the deck, which can be slippery. Make sure to pack the following for cold weather and Zodiac excursions:

  • sturdy warm shoes with non-slip soles

  • Water- and windproof jacket with attached hood

  • Water resistant trousers (for example ski pants)

  • Fleece jacket or warm wool sweater

  • Thermal underwear, leggings, long-sleeve shirts and (ski-)socks

  • Mittens or gloves and preferably thin gloves to wear underneath warm mittens.

  • Woollen hat, cap or beanie that covers your ears

  • Scarf or neck warmer

  • Waterproof dry bag to keep your camera and other gear dry during excursions

  • Camera, GoPro and plenty of memory disks/film and new batteries

  • Binoculars are highly recommended for wildlife watching