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Learn more about Polar Snorkeling for an incredible experience above and below the surface of the polar regions.

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Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions has invented the fun activity Polar Snorkeling in 2010. Together with our partner Waterproof International in Sweden we developed a comfortable Polar Snorkeling Drysuit which we first tested during our expeditions to Antarctica. It soon became clear that this is a fantastic activity for anyone who can swim and snorkel.
Today, we offer polar snorkeling expeditions in Northern Norway, Antarctica and to several destinations in the Arctic. On board we provide you with high quality snorkeling equipment to keep you warm and comfortable while snorkeling in the cold polar water. We also offer the opportunity to rent extra warm undergarments to wear underneath your drysuit.

On board our polar snorkeling expeditions we provide you with high quality polar snorkeling equipment from our partner Waterproof International in Sweden. These items have been specially designed for snorkeling in cold water.

Our Waterproof Polar Snorkeling package includes:

Waterproof D9X Snorkel Drysuit
Our snorkeling drysuits are made of a a breathable ultra-light fabric with a front zipper and latex seals for the neck and wrists. 

Waterproof High Visibility Hood
Our High Visibility Hoods feature a bright orange coloured surface with reflective patches for ultimate visibility and detection in choppy seas and low light conditions. They also offer double layered protection in critical heat loss areas and glide skin seals for the neck and face.

Waterproof 7 mm G1 Mittens
Our 3-finger semi-dry gloves feature taped seams, glide skin interior for easy donning and doffing as well as providing a quick-drying surface. The gloves are part of the Waterproof's 'Polar Evoluted' series. These items have been tried and tested in the polar regions. 

Waterproof B5 Marine Boots
The neoprene boots are a sturdy rubber reinforced soft boot with adjustable straps and a special 'fin strap stopper' to prevent your fins from slipping off. 

Fins, Snorkel and Mask
On board we provide snorkels, masks and fins, however we recommend to bring your own if you alreday have these items.

Optional rental: 

Thermal overall undergarments - € 80 per person per trip (at time of booking)

Make sure that you bring sufficient warm clothing to wear under your dry suit, or rent our optional undergarments. Our overalls have been specially desiged to wear under your drysuit and to keep you warm while snorkeling in cold water. They can also be worn as a wind proof outer layer for example while you are outside on deck or during an excursion on land. They are very comfortable and easy to put on. Renting our overalls also minimizes your packing weight as you don't have to bring extra layers of undergarments and warm clothing yourself.

Drysuit  Warmtec  accessories

Contact us for further details on Polar Snorkeling or for renting thermal undergarments.

Dressing for Polar Snorkeling

On our Polar Snorkeling expedtions we provide you with a Polar Snorkeling Package, including a drysuit. Underneath the drysuit you need to wear sufficient layers of clothing to stay warm in the polar water. You can also opt for our thermal rental overalls which you can wear directly over your base layer. We advise to bring the following items:

  • Ski socks, preferably wool

  • Thermal underwear

  • Warm pants (ski pants are ideal)

  • Fleece or wool sweater, if you get cold quickly wear two sweaters.

  • Warm comfortable (down) jacket, e.g. a ski jacket

Some tips from Padi Ambassador & Waterproof Expedition leader Birgitta Mueck:

"To dress well is important. What I mean with dressing well is to be proper equipped for the adventure you are about to face. If not having the appropriate clothing when out on an expedition, the most amazing experience could instead pass through as miserable suffering or even be dangerous. For Polar Snorkeling, I usually dress in three layers. The first one is a normal thin base layer in either synthetic or merino wool. My second layer is a thicker thermal underclothing. On top of that, a cozy compressible fiber overall which is comfortable to wear both during the dive and after, for example the thermal coveralls. Finally I put on my drysuit, hood, gloves and boots. Et voilà, we are ready for some cold water-fun!"

We advise to bring the following items to stay warm and comfortable during the expedition and the polar snorkeling activity:

  • Ski socks, preferably wool

  • Thermal underwear

  • Warm pants to put over your thermal underwear layer, ski pants are ideal

  • Fleece or wool sweater, if you get cold quickly wear two sweaters.

  • Warm comfortable jacket to put over your sweater, e.g. a ski jacket

Requirements for Polar Snorkeling

If you want to participate in the Polar Snorkeling activity we advise you to get some snorkeling experience. However you don't need any (scuba) diving experience. Polar snorkelling is fun, fascinating and easy to do. An exciting activity for everybody interested in the fascinating scenery below the surface of polar waters. From large marine animals such as whales, orcas, seals and penguins to small critters and anemones, giant isopods and colourfull seastars. It opens up a whole new world below the surface.

We believe that traveling to the Polar regions is more than the scenery and animals above the ice – imagine to float in the cold polar water around Antarctica and watch penguins shooting through the water. Or swim in the deep fjords of Norway with orca's and humpback whales only a few meters away. By signing up for our Polar Snorkeling activity you will enjoy the opportunity to snorkel in places where hardly anyone has ever had a look below the surface of the water.

Polar snorkeling is accessible for guests from 16 years upwards but only when a drysuit is available in their size. The drysuits provided on board start from size small, which is a EU women's size 36. It is also allowed to bring your own drysuit.

Bad eyesight? It's not possible to wear your glasses underneath your snorkel mask. We advise you to wear contact lenses or use prescription goggles. 

Please note that we have a limited range of sizes on board. Extreme measures are not available. Please refer to our size chart for details. If you believe our sizes will not fit you, we advise you to bring your own drysuit and undergarment.

Sizechart polar snorkeling suits