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About Polar Snorkeling

Waterproof Cruises & Expeditions invented this fun activity of Polar snorkeling in Antarctica and the Arctic about 6 years ago. First we developed a comfortable Polar Snorkel Suit with our partners from Waterproof International in Sweden. Than we tried this activity on board the small expedition vessel Polar Pioneer. It soon became clear that this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who can swim and snorkel. Even the most experienced cold water divers would turn to snorkeling at one point to easily manoeuvre underwater camera equipment and make great images of seals, penguins and icebergs.

The Waterproof Polar Snorkel package includes:

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Dressing for Polar Snorkeling?

On our Polar Snorkeling expedtions we provide you with a Polar Snorkel Package, including a drysuit. Underneath the drysuit you need to wear sufficient layers of clothing to stay warm in the polar water. Some tips from Padi Ambassador & Waterproof Expedition leader Birgitta Mueck:

"To dress well is important. What I mean with dressing well is to be proper equipped for the adventure you are about to face. If not having the appropriate clothing when out on an expedition, the most amazing experience could instead pass through as miserable suffering or even be dangerous. For Polar Snorkeling, I usually dress in three layers. The first one is a normal thin base layer in either synthetic or merino wool. My second layer is a thicker thermal underclothing. A cozy compressible fiber overall which is as comfortable to wear both before and after, as well as during the dive. Last but not the least, the drysuit! Voilà, we are ready for some cold water-fun!"

We advise to bring the following items to stay warm and comfortable during the expedition and the polar snorkeling activity:

  • Ski socks, preferably wool

  • Thermal underwear, for example a BodyTec Dual Layer

  • A WarmTec Dual Layer over your thermal underwear if you get cold quickly

  • Warm pants to put over your thermal underwear layer, ski pants are ideal

  • Fleece or wool sweater, if you get cold quickly wear two sweaters.

  • Warm comfortable jacket to put over your sweater, e.g. a ski jacket

Requirements for Polar Snorkeling

If you want to participate in the Polar Snorkel activity we advise you to have some previous snorkel experience. However you don't need any (scuba) diving experience. Polar snorkelling is fun, fascinating and easy to do. An exciting activity for everybody interested in the fascinating scenery below the surface of polar waters. From seals and penguins to small critters and anemones, giant isopods and colourfull seastars. It opens up a whole new world below the ice.

We believe that traveling to the Polar regions is more than the scenery and animals above the ice – imagine to float in blue polar water and touch the ice descending into deep waters. Just sit in the surf close to a beach and watch the amazing mobility and speed penguins entering (and exiting) the water. By signing up for this Polar Snorkel activity you will enjoy the opportunity to snorkel daily (weather and ice conditions dependant), taking delight in sheltered bays, off shore islands and secluded ship wrecks which make for spectacular underwater experiences.

Bad eyesight? It's not possible to wear your glasses underneath your snorkel mask. We advise you to wear contact lenses or use prescription goggles.