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Daytrip Whale Watching Andenes

If you only have a day to spend, a whale watching safari in Andenes, is one of the best day trips in Northern Norway to see whales year-round. Book your tickets online with our partner Whalesafari Andenes.

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Whale Watching Daytrip from Andenes

Duration: 2,5 to 5 hours normally

Our Norwegian partner Whalesafari Andenes is the largest arctic whale watching operator and has over 30 years of
experience in the field. Their trips are a great way to see the whales if you have limited time.
Andenes is a good starting point for whale watching tours because it is very close to the edge of the continental shelf where whales are often feeding. This makes the travel time to the whale grounds short, allowing you more time to spend among the whales.

The trip from Andenes to the whale-area takes about one hour with MS Reine or MS Maan Dolphin. The entire tour with photography and whale watching experiences lasts approximately 2-5 hours, depending on when the whales are found. 

Included in your whale safari tickets is an exclusive educational guided tour of the Whale Museum. The museum covers a number of topics on whale biology, the ecosystem they live in and specific information about the local conditions that enable whale watching from Andenes. The museum also has a real skeleton of a sperm whale!

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Whales in Northern Norway

• Sperm whales
• sometimes Orcas and Pilot Whales

• Orcas
• Humpback whales
• Fin whales
• Sperm whales

100% Whale Guarantee

Whalesafari Andenes offers 100% whale guarantee! This guarantee means that you get another free trip on the first available ship if you don't find whales on the first trip. You must go to the reception at the Whale Center to make use of this option. If you don't have the opportunity to take another trip, the ticket price will be refunded.

Please note: Whalesafari Andenes operates year-round, wheater permitting. Trips can be changed or cancelled at short notice due to bad weather or low demand. Our recommendation is therefore to set aside several days to spend if possible.