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Husky Safari

Husky Safari Tromsø

Only possible from December - depending on snowfall

Always dreamt of gliding through the snow in a sled pulled by huskies? Don't look any further and let us make your dream come through! During this Husky safari in a beautiful valley near Tromsø (Northern Norway), a group of sled dogs will take you on an adverture through the snowy landscape.
Upon arrival you will first receive a clear explanation from the instructors about how to drive the dogsled. There are warm overalls, gloves and boots available to keep you warm during the trip. Outside, more than a hundred huskies are eager to get started! The huskies love to run and will take you through the wilderness of the beautiful Breivikeidet valley with great pleasure. You will get some time to get acquainted with the dogs and then you will set off with two persons per sledge. One person sits on the sled while the other one drives the sled. During the husky ride there will be at least one stop to enjoy the beautiful view and to take pictures. At that moment you can also change drivers.

Husky Safari

Just 1 hour and 20 minutes outside Tromsø, you will find the husky farm beautifully established in the Arctic valley landscape. The view of the Lyngen Alps from this area is amazing and the combination with the fjords makes this Husky safari a real Norwegian Arctic Experience. The husky ride lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (around 15 km). Afterwards you will get some warm drinks and snacks to close off the day.

Total duration: 7 hours (including bus transfer)
Pickup: Radisson Blu hotel 08:45


Husky Safari: 250 EUR per person

This includes:
• Transfer from Tromso
• Driving the dog sled
• Thermal clothes and gloves
• Hot soup and drinks

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