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White Shark Cage Diving

We use submersible cages to descend down 10 - 12 metres and the difference in the experience is phenomenal. The sharks are already there!

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White Shark Cage Diving in Mexico

There are 3 places in the world where you can see Great White sharks - Africa, Australia and Mexico. A unique photography experience for divers as well as non divers!

In Mexico we organize a liveaboard diving safari out to an island called Guadalupe on the Pacific side, close to Ensenada. At least 109 Great Whites visit a particular bay at this island during shark season and we have special permission from the government to anchor there, offering virtually unlimited diving with the sharks in generally calm sea conditions, 25 - 40 metres visibility in very blue water, and water temperatures of 21 - 22 degrees.

What is special and unique about this operation is that we believe that we should be in the water with these sharks, not sitting at the surface peering down into the depths and hoping for a "swim-by". We have always known that the Great Whites circle around underneath the vessel in 10 - 15 metres of water. In the old days, we used tuna blood and oil to try and tempt and lure them up to the surface so that we could get a close look at these amazing animals. But we were never comfortable doing that. Then we thought "wait a sec, instead of trying to tease them to the surface, why don't we dive down into their world".

We use submersible cages to descend down 10 - 12 metres and the difference in the experience is phenomenal. We don't need to use oil and blood at depth. The sharks are already there!

The cages go up and down every 35 minutes always with a divemaster in each one and diving is done via surface supplied "hookah" (although there is backup dive gear in each cage).

The Great Whites often follow the submersible cages up to the surface and will hang around for a bit so we also have a 7 metres long mega-surface cage tethered off the back of the Nautilus. Dive time is virtually unlimited from dawn to dusk during the 3 days that we are anchored on site (the only restriction is during the first morning when everyone is getting used to the cages).

"This was by far one of the best trips we have EVER taken. The infamous great white sharks are truly unbelievable, and one of nature’s greatest kept secrets."

- Ryan L. & Amanda R.

All itineraries are subject to change, due to weather and other conditions. All times indicated are approximate, and are also subject to change.

  • Day 1

    Your trip boards in the evening of the first night. You will meet the group and a crew member at the Ramada Hotel in San Diego and be transferred to the boat by highway coach. Evening departure and overnight run to Guadalupe island. The Nautilus Explorer is a heavy, steel, stabalized ship and the downhill run in open ocean should be quite comfortable.

    Day 2

    The boat will arrive at Guadalupe around dinner time. Cages will go into the water and the first dives will be available the following day at 7AM. At sea.

    Day 3

    Cages open at 7AM and remain open until dinner time.

  • Day 4

    Cages open at 7AM and remain open until dinner time.

    Day 5

    The last dive day unfortunately. This is your last chance to beat the record of 31.5 hours of cage time over 3 dive days!!
    Cages open at 7AM and remain open until dinner time when they will be taken out of the water and the boat will make its overnight run back to Ensenada.

    Day 6

    You arrive into port at about 1PM, have your bags loaded on the highway coach and depart for San Diego. Arrival into San Diego is about 6PM. If you plan to fly home that evening, we suggest that no flights are booked before 8:30PM just in case there are any border delays.

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