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White Sea Ice Diving

A true ice diving expedition at the shores of the White Sea. The Ice Diving Capital of the World !

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Ice Diving Expedition

The White Sea is one of the best places in the world for true sea ice diving and the only sea in Europe to freeze every year. Nature here is untouched and wildlife is rich and unique. The scenery is spectacular.

A great place for divers to go for an Ice Diving Certification or for experienced ice divers to learn more about this unique frozen sea.

The underwater world of the White Sea boasts a magnificent sea life and excellent scenery with fantastic underwater ice formations, caverns and fissures. The underwater environment is full of soft corals, sponges, starfish, crabs, Hermit crabs, sea urchins, shrimps and sea anemones.

"This place, I have no words to describe how unique it is."

- Dor V.

Following itinerary is a sample itinerary for a unique Ice Dive experience in the White Sea and can be modified to your personal wishes.

  • Your start in Finnish Lapland

    The expedition starts in Kuusamo, Finland where you spend your first evening in one of the local hotels.
    We suggest to start your White Sea expedition with an optional exciting dog sledge tour or to explore this beautiful region by snowmobile or snow shoe walking. A great to way to explore the area of Ruka – Finland !
    You ride your own sledge and will learn the traditional way of working with the husky dogs. The beauty of the Finnish wilderness is a fantastic décor for such adventure.
    Its a great way to start your expedition and meet fellow adventurers

  • From Kuusamo we arrange your transport to the lodge at the White Sea, 'the capital' for sea ice diving. Part of northern Russia’s inland sea, the White Sea belongs to the Arctic Ocean basin and is the only sea in Europe to freeze every year. Nature here is untouched by man and the wildlife is rich and unique.
    The transfer from Kuusamo to the lodge is done by 4- wheel drive cars and takes approximately 6 - 7 hours, depending on wheather and snow conditions.
    While crossing the Finnish - Russian border, where you will have to present your valid visa, you will enjoy a beautifull wilderness. Bring some snacks along as you may not see a shop for a while!

  • Ice Diving Programme

    A mobile diving camp is set up on diving sites. Wooden cabins on sledges provide shelter for changing, for drying of equipment and include a common room module for lunch and socializing. A heated wooden shelter is placed just over the ice-hole (maina) for those who prefer a heated space between dives.
    Instruction in basic Arctic survival will be a part of the programme in order to show divers how to read the ice and establish a safe diving environment, including how to deal with frostbite and the potential hazards of Hypothermia.
    Every day you visit a new dive site which has to be prepared first!

  • Diving is performed with safety ropes according to PADI Ice Diving standards using experienced instructors and dive guides, and includes 2 dives per day and diver transport to diving sites by snowmobile.
    If you are not a certified Ice Diver yet, this is an excellent place to get certified.

  • The PADI Ice Diving Course takes three days and you are required to do certain excercises and learn about the Arctic environment. Rental equipment is available.

  • What can you see ?

    Once under the ice, a new world enfolds itself… the underwater world of the White Sea boasts a magnificent sea life and excellent scenery with fantastic underwater ice formations, caverns and soft sponges, sea anemone beds, Gorgon's head brittle stars, Hermit crabs, numerous starfish, and seaweed forests.
    And if you are lucky you are treated to one of the most beautiful wonders on earth… The Aurora Borealis !

The Arctic Lodge

The Arctic Lodge is a well-established comfortable guest house on the shore of the frozen sea. Exquisite Russian food, traditional and international beverages and the Russian banya (steam bath, opended daily) complete a unique experience.
The  accommodation consist of traditional Russian wooden cottages  with  central heating and electricity.
Your Comfort Room has a shower, sink and toilet.
There is a diving lounge in one of the guesthouses with satellite telephone and wireless internet access (at costs).

Exquisite Russian and international cuisine: a buffet breakfast, a three-course meal at the Lodge or packed lunch on excursions, and dinner.
Hot beverage (tea, coffee, chocolate) and soft drinks 24 hours; individual vegetarian menu is available upon request

.The Arctic LodgeTwin Comfort RoomMain Living areaDining Area

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Please note: the best time to go to the White Sea for ice diving is between late February until the beginning of April.
During this time of year the ice is thick enough.

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Call us today on +31 (0) 858 771 583