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Fly to the South Pole

Stand at the bottom of the earth! The elusive place where every direction you look is north and the sun only rises and sets once a year.

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Visit the Geographic South Pole

Fly to the Geographic South Pole on board a special ski aircraft and set foot on the southernmost point of our planet! It's a dream for many adventurers to stand at the bottom of the earth, where all 360 lines of longitude meet and in a few steps you can walk around the world.
During a 6-7 day expedition you will fly from Punta Arenas (Chile) to the continent of Antarctica where you will stay at a base camp for a few days before your flight to the South Pole. Experienced guides will take you on activities to explore the incredible polar wilderness surrounding the camp and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the stunning Antarctic scenery. The highlight of your voyage will be your visit to the Geographic South Pole, one of the most remote places on earth that only a few people ever get to visit. Embrace this exclusive opportunity to camp overnight and wake up at 90° South, a once in a lifetime experience!

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There are several different expeditions that include a visit to the South Pole. Depending on your choice, you will either stay at Union Glacier Camp or at Three Glaciers Retreat, from where you will fly to the South Pole. One day visits to the Pole will last approximately 3-4 hours, multiple day visits include an overnight stay.

  • Fly to the Antarctic continent

    Your South Pole expedition starts in Punta Arenas (Chile). We advise you to arrive in Punta Arenas two days early so you can relax and fully prepare yourself for the expedition. Don't forget to check your luggage upon arrival in case you forgot something and need to buy it. The night before you leave for Antarctica you will be invited to a welcome and safety meeting to prepare you for arrival at Union Glacier. Afterwards you'll have some time to meet the other expeditioners. Keep in mind that the exact departure of the airplane to and from Antarctica is flexible due to the potential for weather delays. The plane can only fly when weather and runway conditions permit.

    The flight to the Antarctic continent will take around 4,5 hours. You land on Union Glacier where the Antarctic beauty and remoteness will hit you right from the moment you step out the plane. The camp is situated on a 5,000 ft (1500 m) thick glacier, surrounded by mountains and 1859 miles (2991 km) away from the nearest civilization.

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    Union Glacier Camp or Three Glaciers Retreat

    You will spend the first few days of your expedition on Antarctica either at Union Glacier Camp or Three Glaciers Retreat. Upon arrival, the staff will provide a welcome tour of the camp and will show you to your tent. During your stay you will get to explore the unique landscapes surrounding the camp and you can be as active as you like. Every day there will be various options for activities ranging from 'easy' to 'moderate' activity level. For example, you can take a long guided hike, go cross-country skiing, hop in one of the tracked vehicles for a scenic drive or take a fatbike for a ride around camp. There are several spectacular places for blue-ice photography and panoramic views! Like Drake Icefall, an impressive icefall shaped into huge blue-ice waves, or the dramatic marble mountain 'Elephant’s Head', overlooking the blue-ice runway. The Beach at Rossman Cove is yet another incredible place for you to visit! Take cross-country skis with you or a picnic lunch and enjoy Antarctica’s version of an afternoon at the beach. From Three Glaciers Retreat there are also several options for downhill skiing and snowboarding! In the evenings, there are regular lectures and films tailored to your experience.

  • Visiting the South Pole

    The flight to the South Pole will take between 4-6 hours and will certainly be one of the most unique flights you'll ever take. Flying high over the polar plateau you'll see vast fields of crevasses, wind affected snow and an endless expanse of white. As you approach 90° South, the South Pole station comes into view. A cluster of buildings surrounded by snow and sky. The aircraft will land near the South Pole marker where all 360 lines of longitude meet beneath your feet. Standing here means you have joined an exclusive group of people who made it this far south! You will of course have plenty of time to take photos at the Geographic and Ceremonial Pole, the famous place with all flags of the Antarctic Treaty members. If staff are available, you will also get a guided tour of the research station.
    Be prepared for extreme cold and the effects of altitude. The ice at the South Pole is almost 10,000 ft (3000 m) thick! This might cause some shortness of breath and a mild headache.
    Depending on your exact expedition, you will either return to Union Glacier Camp on the same day, or spend the night camping on the South Pole. The camp is situated 0.6 mi (1 km) from the research station and offers the incredible opportunity to sleep where the sun only rises and sets once a year!

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    South Pole marker
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    Return to base camp

    The field staff will stay in close contact with the base camp to identify the best ‘weather window’ for your return flight. Depending on flights, you may have a few days at the base camp after your visit to the South Pole. You will also enjoy a celebration dinner and receive a certificate to commemorate your experience in Antarctica.

    Flight back to Punta Arenas

    When weather and runway conditions permit, the aircraft will arrive at the camp to transport you back to Chile. Members of the staff will meet you at the airport and transfer you back to your hotel.

    We recommend booking your flight home one week after your return flight from Antarctica. If you purchase a full-fare ticket, most airlines will allow you to move your departure date. It is important to give yourself a buffer as delays are common in Antarctic travel. When it is time for your flight home, the staff will provide transportation from your hotel to the Punta Arenas airport.

Base Camp - Union Glacier

Union Glacier CampThe base camp for many expeditons on the Antarctic continent is the Union Glacier Camp. It's the only facility of its kind in Antarctica and can house up to 70 guests. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming at this base camp and you will get a tour of the camp upon arrival.
You’ll find roomy, double occupancy sleeping tents, a spacious dining hall where fresh delicious meals are being served and all of this in a spectacular setting. You’ll be surprised how comfortable Antarctica can be! This full-service camp is designed for Antarctic conditions and with the best environmental practices in mind. It operates during the Antarctic summer (November through January) and is dismantled at the end of each season.

Base Camp - Three Glaciers Retreat

Three Glaciers Retreat

If you are looking for a bit more comfort and luxury, Three Glaciers is the ideal base camp. This exclusive retreat is tucked away deep in the interior of Antarctica at the head of three glaciers. The comfortable accomodations offer place to just 16 guests. Three suites feature king beds and five suites are outfitted with two extra-long twin beds. All are heated and equipped with a sitting area, a charging station for personal electronics, and plenty of space to store polar gear. Enjoy incredible unobstructed views from your private patio, as the eight suites are perfectly alligned in a half circle like a giant sundial. The dining room and lounge are the heart of the camp. Here your private chef creates original dishes with fresh ingredients flown in from Chile. At Three Glaciers Retreat you can participate in snowmobiling, hiking, climbing, and even skiing. Just behind Three Glaciers lies the perfect hill for a quick ski or snowboard ride. The options for exploration are almost endless and the experienced guides will design daily adventures to match each group’s pursuits.

South Pole Camp

South Pole Camp

The tented camp at the South Pole is designed to provide as much comfort and security as possible in this extreme environment. The double-walled tents are heated and have padded sleeping mats and pillows. There are toilets at the South Pole Camp which are housed in a tent but there are no showers. Meals are prepared by one of the chefs and can include breakfasts of pancakes, bacon, and oatmeal, lunches of warm soups and cold meats and cheeses, afternoon snacks, and fantastic evening meals. Beverages include hot drinks, juice, beer and wine. Meals are served in a large heated dining tent and are open to expedition groups and guests to enjoy together.

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6 days expedition starting from US$ 54,500 pp

Places on these exclusive South Pole Expeditions are very limited. Please contact us for more information and availability.

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