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Svalbard On Land & In the Water

Active & fun exploration of Svalbard

Belugas in Svalbard, 2024
© Marcel Lesh

Our new 10-day Svalbard Expedition on board Polarfront offers you a unique and personal experience, unlike any other! With a small group of only 16 guests, we will not only explore Svalbard by sailing along the magnificent coastline, but through immersive activities on land and in the water.

Waterproof Experts Johnny van Vliet and Debbie Bouma will be your expedition guides on this exciting voyage. Using their knowledge of the Arctic, they will bring you to places where we have the best chances of finding wildlife, away from where most other vessels are sailing. We expect to encounter a wide variety of polar animals including walrus, reindeer, arctic foxes, many species of birds and possibly whales and polar bears. Using our two zodiacs, all guests can join landings at once, maximising your time ashore. A great advantage over larger ships!

Quote Image
Johnny van Vliet – Expedition Leader
“Let’s explore the world. Follow a chart to its edges, and keep going. Forget the plans. Trust our instincts. Let curiosity be our guide.”

In July, the midnight sun offers us plenty of time to explore the beautiful nature of Svalbard in a fun and active way. Weather and ice conditions permitting, we hope to offer you a chance for snorkeling in the cold Arctic waters, something only a handfull of people have ever done! We will also plan zodiac cruises and hikes ashore, and you might even be able to take a ride on our special pedal boat. During lectures on board, you will learn all about the polar animals, their natural environment and the history of Svalbard.

Polar Snorkeling © Mick Valos

Zodiac Cruise in Svalbard

King Eider Ducks © Johnny van Vliet

Pedal Boat © Rayann Elzein

Polar Bear © Johnny van Vliet

Little Auks © Johnny van Vliet

With spacious cabins, a panoramic sauna and a hot tub on deck, our small expedition yacht Polarfront provides a rich experience. In addition to optimising the onboard comfort, Polarfront is currently being renovated to reduce its emissions and reach the highest standards of environmental protection. This allows you to enjoy the most refined voyage in the Arctic in a safe and responsible way.


This is an expedition in the true sense of the word, we will let weather and wildlife in Svalbard determine our daily plans. The success of this voyage is based on realistic expectations and your personal flexibility.

DAY 1 | Arrival & boarding - Longyearbyen

Your Svalbard expedition starts in Longyearbyen, where Polarfront will be ready to welcome you in port. Boarding takes place late in the afternoon. You will have some time to get comfortable and meet the crew and your fellow guests. Departing from Longyearbyen, the ship will sail through Isfjorden, the gateway to the west coast of Svalbard. Almost the full spectrum of Svalbard’s history, geology and biology can be found in this area. You will see wide coastal plains, steep glaciers and characteristic plateau-shaped mountains that are so unique to Svalbard.

DAY 2 - 9 | Exploring Svalbard

Your expedition guides will determine the course of this voyage, taking the weather and ice conditions into account. During this expedition cruise in Svalbard, we will try to spend as much time out exploring as possible. Zodiacs are used for transferring you ashore and for ocean-level cruising in the fjords and along glacier fronts.

All guests can do a landing at the same time as there is space in the zodiacs for everyone. This way we can maximise our time, exploring the beauty of Svalbard. Our expert guides will accompany you and explain about the wildlife and natural environment. Debbie Bouma is a passionate zoologist with over a decade of experience working with various marine mammals, like dolphins, seals and walrus. Both Debbie and Johnny are committed to wildlife conservation and education shines through in every aspect of their work.

Some places you might visit include Kongsfjorden, an inlet comprising several cultural-heritage sites, Poolepynten, a popular walrus haulout, Krossfjorden, where you can admire the majestic Lillihook glacier, and Smeerenburgfjorden, once home to a busy whaling station.

Our goal is to show all the different aspects of Svalbard, on land and in the water. We hope to have a chance to go snorkeling. A rare opportunity for you to view the underwater world of Svalbard, with small critters and starfish living on the sea floor. You might even have the possibility to snorkel along a grounded iceberg. You’ll be amazed by the deep blue colours of the ice below the surface!

DAY 10 | End of your voyage - Longyearbyen

You’ll disembark in Longyearbyen. This is the end of your Waterproof Expedition, and we wish you a pleasant journey home.


Polar snorkeling

Weather and wildlife permitting, we hope to go snorkeling at least once. Only a few people have ever witnessed the interesting under water world of Svalbard. You might see sea-snails, crabs, and various Arctic fish. If very lucky, you might also spot marine mammels! We will provide you with high quality Waterproof Polar Snorkeling equipment.

Hikes & Walks

Shore hikes are a great way to explore the nature and landscape of Svalbard from up close. Our walks can vary in length and might take you over spongy tundra, crusty snow, sandy beaches or to the top of lookouts. We aim to offer plenty of time for photography, learning moments, or just time to stand back and enjoy the incredible surroundings.

Pedal boat

On board Polarfront, we have a very unique piece of nautical equipment; a pedal boat! If the weather and wildlife conditions allow, you will get a chance to take this special type of water bike for a tranquil ride on the ocean.


This expedition is perfect for photographers who want quality time in the Arctic. You will enjoy long days with plenty of daylight. Our expert guides Johnny and Debbie are happy to share their knowledge about photography in this unique environment in order for you to improve your skills.


Travelling on board our small expedition yacht Polarfront offers a rich experience. All guests can do landings at the same time as there is space in the zodiacs for everyone. Polarfront has several great deck spaces, both on the front and aft of the ship. This way, everyone can have a good spot to take pictures, without being in eachothers way. The ship is also very stable, which is very important when shooting images.


Dates & Rates

Svalbard On Land & In the Water

With Waterproof experts Johnny & Debbie
Dates and duration
22 Jul - 31 Jul 2025 10 days
Polarfront 16 passengers

From € 10400 per person
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Other dates

Photography Expedition Svalbard

Guided by Expedition Leader Rinie van Meurs
Dates and duration
19 Jun - 28 Jun 2025 10 days
Explorer 12 passengers

From € 12600 per person
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Photography Expedition Svalbard

Guided by Expedition Leader Rinie van Meurs
Dates and duration
28 Jun - 13 Jul 2025 16 days
Explorer 12 passengers

From € 22800 per person
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Photography Expedition Svalbard

Guided by Expedition Leader Rinie van Meurs
Dates and duration
13 Jul - 24 Jul 2025 12 days
Explorer 12 passengers

From € 15300 per person
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