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Southern Right Whales of Peninsula Valdez

Up close to Southern Right Whales in Peninsula Valdez. A unique adventure for keen(underwater) photographers.

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Snorkeling with Southern Right whales

Peninsula Valdés, Argentina, is one of those secret top-destinations for wildlife photographers and wildlife lovers. Marine mammals, like sea lions, southern elephant seals and fur seals inhabit the Patagonian coastline, and at certain times of the year, Orcas may show up patroling the coasts. We travel to this beautiful and rough place to snorkel and photograph the Southern Right whales.

Photographing and snorkeling with Southern Right Whales

Every year about two thousand whales come to Peninsula Valdes to give birth, reproduce and breed the young, between June and December. Their location is only 30 minutes away from where you'll stay during this trip. That, combined with the natural curiosity of the Southern Right Whales, make it the ideal place for photography.

"It’s like those XVII century paintings of whaling where the whales almost outnumber the whalers. Do you know any other place like that?
I don’t."

Stefano Nicolini in Peninsula Valdeze since 1993


  • Day 1

    After a two hours flight from Buenos Aires we arrive at Trelew airport followed by a transfer of kms.180 on paved road.  
    We settle in our hotel and relax after the long hours of travelling.

  • Day 2 - 7

    After breakfast at about 9.30 (it is not worthwhile to leave earlier because the light would be too low), the skipper will pick us up at our hotel and drive us to 'Triton', our eight mtr. long zodiac for the day. The dive master (who will help us to stay with the whales in the water) and a ranger will be waiting for us.
    After carrying our day equipment on board we immediately start our navigation to reach the whales.
    It only takes between 15 and 30 minutes to reach the best possible location for the day: the bay that is supposed to be more sheltered against the prevailing winds.

  • Our party will be a maximum of six guests. We take turns to be in the water with no more than two or three at the time, depending on the behaviour of the whales. Considering the high number of whales in the area, and the short amount of time that is generally needed to meet whales that accept the presence of snorkelers, even by rotating in the water you still get more time in the water than with any other experience of swimming with whales.

  • Statistically every year 4 to 5 white calves are seen in the waters of the Peninsula Valdez. Our chances of swimming with a white calf are therefore pretty high. On some occasions, in order to get the best visibility, it will be decided to focus on individuals that swim very near the beach, in 5 or 6 meters of water with white sandy bottom.
    When we navigate offshore to find mating Southern Rights we may have the bonus of swimming with sealions and dolphins. Lunch is sandwich and snack to your preference, which we eat on board.
    Between 3 and 4 pm we generally return. Sunset is after 5 pm. Back to the hotel, we will have at least a couple of hours to wash our suits, take care of our cameras, take a shower and relax before we go for dinner at one of the nearby cozy restaurants. 

  • Aerial Photography Session

    Our last day with the Southern Right whales is a special one. After having spend a considerable time in the water with them, we now have a unique opportunity to observe the whales from land and from the sky ! weather permitting, we offer three flights for an astonishing aerial photography session. During one flight you will be sitting alongside the pilot, on the other flights you will sit in the back of a 4 seats airplane. An overfly of the beach El Doradillo will complete your unique photography experience. 

  • El Doradillo Beach

    The other highlight of the day is a visit to El Doradillo Beach, where you are within 15 or 20 meters from the coast line where mother whales swim with their calves in very shallow waters in order to avoid harassing males looking to copulate. This is possibly the only place of its kind in the world. We will be there with the right tide to ensure the highest presence of Southern Rights.

  • Your Expedition Leader, Stefano Nicolini

    Stefano, Italian from origin, lives currently in Rome. He has extensively travelled through Argentina and other South American countries and lived in Buenos Aires for 12 years. He has been working for over 25 years as freelance journalist and photographer, specializing in travel, nature and culture.
    Whales have always been the main topic and passion of his work, with dozen of publications focused on this subject. He produced over 250 reportages that were published in the most appreciated international travel and wildlife magazines.
    He is currently deeply involved in “Project Snorkeling”. Focused on the underwater observation of great creatures without the help of scuba diving. It is a photo journalistic and artistic project aiming to show how many possibilities our oceans, crystal rivers and swamps can still provide to get a close contact and comprehend wildlife for all those that can rely only on mask, snorkel and fins.
    Stefano has no doubts to consider the ocean of the Valdez Peninsula, in the Argentinian side of the Patagonian coast, the most rewarding location in the world for swimming with the Southern Right whales and enjoying the closest contacts with the queens of the seas.
    He loves to share this amazing experience with you !

Our final destination is a dot on the map, almost at the end of the world..

Accommodation is in hotels in comfortable twin rooms with private bathrooms.
In the vicinity of the hotel we will visit local restaurants where you can enjoy the Patagonian lamb meat, tasteful local fish and clams, and a wide variety of traditional Argentine meals. In the nearby grocery stores we do the shopping for our packed lunches on board the next day.

Our hotel in Peninsula Valdez

twin rooms

 We eat in cozy restaurants in walking distance from the hotel

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Best travel period July, August, September
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Price from USD 8600

Group size of max 4 photographers only
Transfers between Trelew airport/hotel;
6 days swimming with the Southern Right Whales and other species;
Visit to El Doradillo Beachto photograph the Southern Right Whales at a few meters distance from the beach;
Special permit to swim with the Southern Right Whales;
Local Ranger expertise on board;
Experienced Expedition leader;
Zodiac Rib for your daily excursions;
Lunch and beverages during the day in the zodiac;

Not Included:
International and domestic flights;
Meals and acccommodation not mentioned in the programme;
Snorkel equipment;
Personal insurance;

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