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Ski the Last Degree

Experience the challenges faced by early explorers as you ski from 89°S to the South Pole.

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The ultimate challenge reaching the South Pole

Experience first-hand the challenges faced by early explorers as you journey by ski across the vast Antarctic landscape that is at the same time harsh, unforgiving and unimaginably beautiful.
This tough and breathtaking trip requires technical skill, a high level of strength and aerobic fitness, and commitment to a dedicated pre-trip training program. You must also undertake a few months of training before the expedition.
Keep in mind that you will be carrying your bag while you are skiing. You will receive a list with things to pack before your departure, don't pack unnecessary things since that weight will be on your back. Because of ski aircraft limits you can't pack more than 55 LB (25 kg) of luggage.
Included on this trip:
- Airport transfers in Punta Arenas, Chile
- Round trip flight to Antarctica from Punta Arenas
- Flight to 89°S from Union Glacier
- Flight to Union Glacier from South Pole
- Meals and tented accommodation in Antarctica
- Camping and skiing equipment
- Expedition Guide
- Celebration dinner and Certificate of Achievement

Are you up for a serious challenge ?

  • Before departure

    We advise you to arrive in Punta Arenas two days early so you can relax and fully prepare youself before the journey starts. Don't forget to check your luggage once you arrive in case you forgot something and need to buy it. The night before you leave you will be invited to a welcome and safety meeting. Here, will the flight process be described, updates on the current weather, and you will be prepared for your arrival at Union Glacier. Afterwards you get some drinks and snacks.

  • Day 1: Arriving in Antarctica

    The day you leave you will receive a call before the car picks you up from your hotel, make sure all bills are paid and your check-out has been confirmed. From the airport you will go on a 4,5 hour flight to Antarctica. We land on Union Glacier where the Antarctic beauty is ready to welcome you and blow your mind for the first time. We then travel to our basecamp for 5 mi (8 km) by vans where the staff will welcome you and show you to your tent.

  • Day 2-3: getting ready

    You will spend a couple of days at Union Glacier to test your clothing and equipment and practice sled
    hauling on a mini-expedition outside of camp with your team. Then you’ll pack your sleds and ready for departure.

  • Day 4: Fly to 89?S

    Fly by ski aircraft to 89° South, 60 nautical miles (69 mi/111 km) from the South Pole. As the aircraft disappears from view, you’ll be struck by the stark beauty and emptiness surrounding you. There is nothing but snow and wide horizons in all directions. Your team will pack sleds and ski a short distance
    before setting up camp for your first night on expedition. You have just arrived at altitude and it
    is important that your pace is slow during this initial ski.

  • Day 5-9: On the move

    You will go further south and ski longer periods per day so your body can get used to the temperature and altitude. Throughout the expedition you’ll notice the altitude’s impact on your breathing and your
    stamina. This journey is tough and requires a lot of strength. Your sled will weigh approximately 66 lb (30 kg).
    A ‘typical’ day starts with breakfast at 8 am and the team packed up and skiing by 10 am. You’ll make a series of 1 hour marches, stopping for 5-10 minutes each hour for a brief rest and snack break. You’ll travel until about 7 pm and then stop to set up camp and enjoy dinner together. As on all expeditions, success is a team effort, with everyone helping to pitch tents and prepare meals.

  • Day 10: You made it!

    Finally, you’ll take the last steps to your goal and reach the most southerly point on Earth – the Geographic South Pole! Here, beneath your feet, all 360 lines of longitude meet and the ice is almost 10,000 ft (3000 m) thick. Feel the satisfaction of having arrived here under your own power and reflect on how it must have
    felt to stand in this place over one hundred years ago, with only the sound of the wind and an endless expanse of white stretching northward in all directions. You may camp overnight at the South Pole until your pick-up by ski aircraft. The South Pole is an Antarctic Specially Managed Area. Please respect established protocols while at the South Pole.

  • Day 11-12: return

    From the Southpole we fly back to Union Grace. Depending on flights, your team’s celebration dinner
    may take place at our South Pole camp or upon your return to Union Glacier. You’ll receive a certificate to commemorate your Ski Last Degree Expedition. Here you will spend one more day of exploring before heading back.
    We fly back to Chile where the staff is waiting for you and will take you back to your hotel.
    Due to the potential for weather delays, we strongly suggest booking your flight home one week after
    your planned return from Antarctica. When it is time for your flight home, we will provide transportation from your hotel to the Punta Arenas airport.

Base Camp Accommodations

Union Glacier Camp

The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming at our main Antarctic camp at Union Glacier.

You’ll find roomy, double occupancy sleeping tents; a spacious dining hall; fresh delicious meals; and a spectacular setting. You’ll be surprised how comfortable Antarctica can be! Our full-service camp is designed for Antarctic conditions and with best environmental practices in mind. It operates during the Antarctic summer (November through January) and is dismantled at the end of each season.


Field Camps

Union Glacier Camp

 Our Gould Bay (Emperor Penguin), ski expedition, climbing and other field camps are more basic. Equipment must be lightweight and portable, yet still strong enough to withstand Antarctic conditions. We sleep in mountaineering-style tents and eat a combination of fresh-frozen meals, prepared by our chefs at Union Glacier and de-hydrated meals.

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