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Photography Expedition Svalbard

Nature & Wildlife Expedition Svalbard

Polar Bear in Svalbard © Jenny Varley

Our Waterproof Signature Expedition to Svalbard. A quest for wildlife and the best photographic opportunities. Guided by our most experienced Expedition Leader, Rinie van Meurs.

Our Photography Expedition in Svalbard is designed to experience the Arctic in a way that respects our fragile polar environment. You will be travelling on board our luxury ship Explorer, with only 12 (!) guests and accompanied by two expert guides, Rinie van Meurs and Szymon Niezabitowski. We have no fixed itinerary. Instead, we let the weather, ice and wildlife determine our course. The flexibility of a small group makes it possible to optimize every opportunity to show you the best of Svalbard. It’s like travelling on a private yacht while experiencing a true expedition, without compromising on comfort!

Photography tricks and tips

On this specific voyage, will pay extra attention to photography. As professional photographer, Rinie will assist you with sound advice on how to make your best photo’s of wildlife. With more than 400 expeditions in 35 years of experience in Svalbard, he has observed countless polar bears and will do his utmost to provide you with memorable wildlife encounters, without disturbing the animals. You will get to spend quality time in the Arctic, a great chance for you to improve your photo skills. This trip is suited for photographers of all levels, from beginners to the most experienced.

Polar Bears on the ice in Svalbard (©  Jenny Varley)

Belugas (©  Marcel Lesh)

Polar Bear (© Kyriakos Kaziras)

Explorer in the ice
Polar Bear Photography Expedition - Rinie & SzymonGuides on the look out for wildlife
Nesting Guillemots

Svalbard Nature & Wildlife

Spring and summer are special times in the Arctic. The 24 hours of daylight will give you plenty of time to explore and photograph the beautiful nature and animals. During our voyage, we hope to see many different polar wildlife and bird species. We might find seal pups on the ice, birds making their nests, arctic foxes on a hunt and walruses taking a nap on a beach. Early in the season, there is usually still a lot of snow and ice to be found in Svalbard, forming the perfect backdrop for wildlife photography. We intend to reach the pack ice in the north of Svalbard. This is polar bear country, where we might be able to spot bears out on the ice!

Quote Image
Rinie van Meurs
“Each expedition is a new quest for wildlife and incredible moments. Observing the animals up close, undisturbed in their natural environment. Never taking them for granted is what makes these voyages so rewarding.”


There is no fixed route and the itinerary is flexible. That is the advantage of travelling with a small group onboard. The ice conditions and wildlife behaviour will determine our plans. We use light conditions and other one-of-a-kind opportunities to get the best experiences. An expedition in the true sense of the word! 

DAY 1 | Arrival & boarding - Longyearbyen

Your Svalbard voyage starts in Longyearbyen. Your expedition yacht will be in port, ready to welcome you onboard in the late afternoon. Leaving Longyearbyen, the ship will sail through Isfjorden, the gateway to the west coast of Svalbard. Almost the full spectrum of Svalbard’s history, geology and biology can be found in this area. You will see wide coastal plains, steep glaciers and characteristic plateau-shaped mountains that are so unique to Svalbard.

DAY 2 - 9 | Exploring Svalbard

Our goal is to sail north, but your expedition guides will determine the course of this voyage, taking the weather and ice conditions into account. Some days will be spent wildlife watching from the ship, while other days you might go on zodiac cruises or landings ashore. We hope to witness the most authentic wildlife experiences, and therefore we may choose to stay in the same fjord for a longer period of time and be patient for the best opportunities to arise!

With only 12 guests onboard, each zodiac will only carry 6 passengers. There is enough space for camera equipment and we can maximise our time, exploring and photographing the beauty of Svalbard. Our expert guides will explain about the natural environment, wildlife and history of Svalbard during lectures on board. Your voyage will not only be an adventure, but also a great learning experience.

Some places you might visit include Kongsfjorden, an inlet comprising several cultural-heritage sites, Poolepynten, a popular walrus haul out, Krossfjorden, where you can admire the majestic Lillihook glacier, and Smeerenburgfjorden, once home to a busy whaling station. Ultimately, we hope to reach the edge of the pack ice, the vast expense of sea ice reaching all the way up to the north pole. This is our favourite place to look for polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. 

DAY 10 | End of your voyage - Longyearbyen

After breakfast, you disembark in Longyearbyen. You may opt to fly home the same day, or spend another day or two in Longyearbyen.   


Travelling on board our luxury expedition yacht Explorer is a rich experience. It is like travelling on a private yacht. With a small group of 12, each zodiac carries only 6 guests! Explorer has large decks, both on the front and aft of the ship. You will easily find your own spot for taking pictures!


12 passengers
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Dates & Rates

Photography Expedition Svalbard

Guided by Expedition Leader Rinie van Meurs
Dates and duration
19 Jun - 28 Jun 2025 10 days
Explorer 12 passengers

From € 12600 per person
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Other dates

Photography Expedition Svalbard

Guided by Expedition Leader Rinie van Meurs
Dates and duration
28 Jun - 13 Jul 2025 16 days
Explorer 12 passengers

From € 22800 per person
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Photography Expedition Svalbard

Guided by Expedition Leader Rinie van Meurs
Dates and duration
13 Jul - 24 Jul 2025 12 days
Explorer 12 passengers

From € 15300 per person
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Svalbard On Land & In the Water

With Waterproof experts Johnny & Debbie
Dates and duration
22 Jul - 31 Jul 2025 10 days
Polarfront 16 passengers

From € 10400 per person
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