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High Arctic Dive Safari

Imagine yourself under the vast and silent skies of the high Arctic with the midnight sun bathing passing icebergs in a warm glow as narwhal pass by. This is the ultimate Arctic diving experience!

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Cold Water diving in the High Arctic

Image yourself under the vast and silent skies of the high Arctic with the warm glow of the 24 hour sun bathing passing icebergs in a warm glow as Narwhals pass by your safari style ice camp almost within arm’s reach. Underwater you will enter a world even more unlike anything you can have ever imagined, and prepare to have the dive experience of a lifetime.

From amazing ice formations to the wildlife both above and below water, you will think this is as good as it gets, only to find it’s even better the next day.

Iceberg, drifting pack ice, seal holes, ice floe cracks, Arctic sea floor, the variety and sheer scale of dive opportunities will never cease to amaze.

Sample Itinerary

  • Types of Dives

    • Floe Edge Diving - Experience your first Arctic dive by dropping off the edge and seeing far under the ice.
    • Pack Ice Diving - See mother natures greatest works of art from under the ice.
    • Crack Diving - Diving through a crack allows us opportunities to access walls, the sea floor and other interesting dive sites.
    • Iceberg Diving - Looking at an iceberg from above you may see them towering up to a couple of hundred feet tall. You have to remember that this is literally just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Down below, the icebergs drop hundreds of more feet. Diving on a grounded iceberg will be the best dive of your life.

    What is required?
    If you have your Advanced Open Water PADI certification and your Drysuit Specialty, or equivalencies, you are good to go!

  • Expedition Highlights

    • Dive in the most incredible ice formations found anywhere on the planet – pack ice, cracks, Arctic sea floor.
    • Dive under the light of the Midnight Sun, and possibly near grounded icebergs.
    • View a vast array of wildlife feeding at the floe edge on their annual migration, such as pods of the mystical Narwhal with its tusk, Bowhead whales and Polar bears.
    • Settle into a high-end safari-style tented base camp on the sea ice.
    • Touch and climb icebergs or even drink from glacier melt water flowing into the sea.
    • Possibly visit the B ylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which a ttracts more than 70 species and over 300,000 birds annually. (ice conditions permitting).
    • Enjoy tea made of melt-water from hundreds of year old ice bergs along the route.

  • Day 1

    Upon landing in Pond Inlet, you will be welcomed by your Expedition Leader. Participate in a Parks Canada orientation before boarding the private Turbo Otter plane for your short flight into camp. Have your cameras ready for stunning aerial views of the vast Arctic landscapes, including dramatic mountains and icebergs in Sirmilik National Park. Settle in to camp and enjoy a hot dinner with your fellow adventurers.

  • Day 2 - 5

    Spend these days reveling in some of the best diving you’ll ever experience. Following a program of progressive dives, you’ll enjoy new experiences every day as you become more comfortable with this unique underwater environment whilst diving in the Arctic.
    Explore the Arctic sea floor and discover urchins, starfish, and glittering jellyfish. Witness the surreal world of blue and turquoise ice juxtaposed with the black depths below. This is an underwater photographer’s paradise.
    Above the water and on land, you’ll experience other spectacular scenes and exciting adventures. Expect to see icebergs, ‘bergy- bits’, and drifting pack ice with playful seals poking their heads up out of the water to look directly at you.
    On the floe edge, you will have the opportunity to see narwhals, bowhead, and polar bears on the prowl, seals sunning themselves, possibly walrus and beluga, and other Arctic wildlife. Migratory birds can also be seen in abundance. Pure white Ivory Gulls, gaudy King Eider, low flying Northern Fulmars, Thick-billed Murres, Kittiwakes, and Greater Snow Geese are just a few of the bird species known to frequent the area.
    Ice conditions permitting, you may also visit the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary, where more than 300,000 birds choose to nest each year. Other activities include kayaking and

  • Day 6

    After another full day enjoying the High Arctic wilderness, fly directly out of camp to Pond Inlet. Explore the town at your leisure and spend your final night in a hotel.

  • Day 7

    Transfer to the Pond Inlet airport. Board your flight back to Ottawa and onwards to home.

Polar Safari Camp

Inspired by African mobile safari camps, the Premium Polar Safari Camp brings elegance and comfort to the Arctic. The modern, specially designed yurt-style safari camp structures have double walls with insulation to provide a warm and inviting home in one of the world's most remote, yet breathtaking places.

Polar camp site

Nestled between the majestic mountains of Baffin Island and Bylot Island, our Arctic Safari Camp provides a comfortable home-away-from-home and a perfect respite after an exciting day spent out on the floe edge. Located just outside of Sirmilik National Park, (which means “place of glaciers”) near Pond Inlet, our camp enjoys a striking backdrop of towering granite cliffs and glistening glaciers.

Sleeping quarters are spacious and warm with over 3m cathedral ceilings. The yurt-style safari sleep structures are 4,8m in diameter and are entered via a lockable door. Configurations with either two twin beds or one king size bed are available. Each bed is complete with mattress duvets, pillows, and a warm comforter. No detail has been overlooked - from large windows that give a 360 degree view, to coat hooks, cozy rugs, and heaters for those that would like it a little toastier, our Premium Safari Camp provides the perfect home away from home./p>

Other Polar Safari Camp Features:

  • Large and spacious dining/lounge area with central fireplace and stove

  • 24 hour buffet with snacks and drinks.

  • Shared washroom facility with on demand hot water sinks and showers.

This polar camp may be set up on land or directly on ice, depending on location and time of year.

Premium Safari Camp

Premium Safari Camp

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Note: All prices are mentioned in Canadian Dollars (CAN), not US Dollar (USD).

Groupsize: 8

Dates & Rates

  • Premium Safari Camp High Arctic Dive Safari

    • 15th May - 22nd May 2023
    • Embark: Ottawa
    • Disembark: Ottawa
    Prices per person from
    14,800 EUR


Call us today on +31 (0) 858 771 583