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Falkland Islands Expedition

Unique small group photography expedition to the Falkland Islands led by a professional nature and wildlife photographer.

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Wildlife Photography Expedition Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are an ideal destination for wildlife and nature photographers. There is an abundance of wild animals and birds to see here and the scenic beauty of the islands creates the perfect backdrop for wildlife photography. From white sandy beaches to high cliffs, animals are free to roam these islands and find themselves the best place to breed, rest or feed. Capture penguins as they nurture their newborn chicks, giant albatross breeding on their nest and elephant seals resting on the beach.

This is a land based expedition with a small group of only 5 guests, hosted by expert wildlife photographer Scott Portelli. A unique 2 weeks experience where we explore 4 to 5 islands and aim to find several penguin species, sea lions, elephant seals, a huge range of bird life and so much more. We will get around comfortably by using a 4WD for most of our excursions.

Falklands Photography Expedition Highlights

Some of the highlights of this photography expedition would be a visit to these islands:
- Sea Lion Island: Elephant seals, gentoo penguins, magellanic penguins, rockhoppers, sea lions, birds of prey and cormorants
- Volunteer Point: King penguins, gentoo penguins and magellanic penguins
- Saunders Island: Rockhoppers, nesting albatrosses and birds of prey

"With over 15 years photographing in some of the most remote regions
I can show you everything you need to know about getting that perfect shot."

Scott Portelli - Waterproof ambassador and award winning photographer

Below is an itinerary example of this 14-days photography trip. Due to weather this itinerary might be altered.

  • Day 1 - 4: Volunteer Point

    Volunteer Point is one of the most popular and important tourist destinations in the Falklands. There is an abundance of bird activity in the area and it is home to the largest king penguin colony in the Islands, as well as gentoo and magellanic penguins, waterfowl and other birds. Volunteer Beach itself is a beautiful white sandy beach, approximately 2 kilometers long, and is where many of the penguins can be seen entering and leaving the ocean.

  • Day 5 - 7: Sea Lion Island

    Sea Lion Island is home to elephant seals, gentoo penguins, magellenic penguins, rockhoppers, sea lions, birds of prey and cormorants. Beautiful tussac plantations cover one fifth of the island and provide a perfect habitat and protection for much of the island’s varied fauna. Opportunities for photography and wildlife watching are limitless and start literally steps away from the purpose-built Lodge. Besides the tussac, there are sand beaches, cliffs, freshwater ponds and heathland, all with their own wildlife. Pods of killer whales may be seen between November and January circling the island in pursuit of the elephant seals and sea lions that breed there. Leopard seals and larger whales are also seen from time to time. A memorial to the HMS Sheffield, sunk in nearby waters, is also situated on the island.

    Your visit here includes a guided introductory tour of the island.

  • Day 8 - 12: Saunders Island

    Saunders Islands was the site of the first British settlement in the Falkland archipelago. The island is now one large farm of about 30,000 acres and is well known for its sizeable colony of Black browed albatross in addition to being home to elephant seals, king penguin and rockhoppers. The north of the Island is made up of two large peaks and it is the thin strip of land between these peaks known as ‘The Neck’ which is home to large colonies of Magellanic and Gentoo penguins. There are at least 50 bird species recorded here, resulting in Saunders Island being designated by Birdlife International as an ‘Important Bird Area’.

    You will visit both The Neck and Rookery Mountain. The Neck is narrow part of the island with beach on either side. On a sunny day it looks almost like a tropical destination. The sandy beach offers great photo opportunites as you can spot penguins making their way towards the choppy sea. Lay flat on your belly to capture the best shots of brightly colored penguins with gloomy skies and high waves in the background. On one end of the beach you'll find the way up Rookery Mountain from where you'll have the best view of nesting albatrosses.

  • Day 13: Stanley

    Stanley is the tiny capital of the Falklands, village-sized but with a lot to explore along the sheltered harbour. Our visit includes a tour of the city and visit to the museum to discover more about the social and maritime history of the islands, along with natural history.

  • Day 14: Stanley and outbound flight

    There will be a private transfer from Stanley to Mount Pleasant Airport where you will catch your international flight

Dates: 16th – 30th December 2023
Duration: 14 days
Price: £5,380

Included: Domestic flights (within the Falklands), accommodation (14 days), all meals, expert wildlife and nature photographer Scott Portelli as your guide/host.

Excluded: International flights to Mt. Pleasant (Falklands), overnight accommodation prior to the photography expedition, excess baggage costs on domestic flights (max 20 kilograms baggage allowance)

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