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Galapagos Diving Liveaboard

The best of Galápagos Diving

Explore the underwater world of the Galápagos during a diving liveaboard cruise! Immerse yourself in the deep blue ocean to experience the magic of schooling hammerheads, Galápagos sharks, large pods of dolphins, thick schools of skipjack and yellow fin tuna, mobula and manta rays, white and black tip sharks, mola mola, sea lions, penguins and endemic marine iguanas. This incredible biodiversity makes for world-class diving that many consider the best on the planet!

Our Galápagos Diving liveaboards have weekly departures year round. The water is typically warmer in the northern islands at Wolf and Darwin and cooler in the western/southern/central islands of Galápagos. There are basically two seasons:

  • Whale Shark Season (June-November): cooler water, 60-75°F, 15-24°C
  • Manta Season (December-May): warmer and clearer water, 68-82°F, 18-28°C

You will also have the opportunity to explore the Galápagos ashore during 3 land tours, including a visit to the Tortoise Reserve on Santa Cruz island. These landings offer you a chance to see unique wildlife species, including Penguins, Flightless Cormorants, Blue- and Red-Footed boobies, Marine iguanas and more. You will be an eye-witness of evolution at its greatest!


All visitors traveling to the Galápagos must take a flight from one of mainland Ecuador’s two largest cities (Quito or Guayaquil). Due to flight schedules, this normally requires at least an overnight stay in continental Ecuador. As with any expedition cruise, the daily schedule and activities are weather depending. We do our utmost to ensure you have the best experience possible, however dive sites and excursions may change during the voyage.

The itinerary includes 3 dive days at the remote northern islands of Wolf and Darwin where you can find incredible numbers of sharks! You will be able to participate in up to 4 dives a day and there’s even 1 night dive on the itinerary.

Example schedule

Sunday | San Cristobal & Isla Lobos | Embarkation & Check out Dive 
Monday | Bartolomé & Cousins Rock | 3 dives & 1 land tour
Tuesday | Wolf | 4 dives (1 night dive)
Wednesday | Darwin | 4 dives
Thursday | Darwin & Wolf | 3 dives
Friday | Cabo Douglas & Punta Vicente Roca | 2 dives & 1 marine iguana dive
Saturday | Pinzón & Tortoise Reserve | 1 dive & 1 land tour
Sunday | Interpretation Center San Cristobal | Land tour & disembarkation


Diving in the Galápagos

This is a dedicated diving live-aboard voyage. Diving in the Galápagos is advanced due to strong currents, varying visibility and cold water.  Depths are 20-30 meters. We recommend you have done 50-100 open water dives, have experience in currents, the ability to remove your gear in the water and the ability to get in and out of a zodiac in choppy seas. All diving off Galápagos Sky is non-decompression diving.

Diving conditions in Galápagos call for divers to use their own gear which they are familiar with. Thermoclines are common in Galápagos, you should be prepared for water temperatures ranging from 16-26 degrees celsius. Make sure to bring 1-2 mm gloves and additional thermal layers. If you prefer to rent gear, please understand that sizes and quantities are very limited! Items must be requested at time of booking.

Please note, this is a dedicated diving live-aboard. There are no alternative activities for non-divers.



Dates & Rates

Galapagos Sky has weekly departures year round. Cruises are 8 days/7 nights and start from San Cristobal. There are options for 15 day itineraries by combining a diving liveaboard with a 7-night regular cruise.


Galapagos Diving Liveaboard

Year-round weekly departures
Dates and duration
Year round 8 days
Galapagos Sky 16 passengers

From $ 7395 per person
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