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Explore the deep sea in the most exclusive way, on board your private submarine!

Charter a Private Submarine onboard your yacht!

Diving a submarine is one of the most awe-inspiring adventures anyone could imagine. Witnessing deep sea life unreachable for scuba divers is an incredibly unique experience. Whether it's to enjoy the most colorful coral reefs in the tropics, or to find mysterious deep sea life in the polar regions. A submarine charter opens up a whole new world beneath the waves.
In partnership with Dutch submarine manufacturer U-Boat Worx we offer the opportunity to charter a compact private submarine for your yacht holiday. These small submersibles are designed especially to fit on board superyachts. U-Boat Worx offers best-in-class performance and has set the standard by delivering submarines to iconic superyachts around the globe.
A submarine charter comes standard with all necessary operational support. You only need to provide a suitable yacht to carry the submarine. If you don't own your own yacht, we can assist you in chartering a yacht with enough space on board for the submarine. Besides suitable storage space, a crane and power supply, the yacht also needs to have a suitable zodiac for passenger transfer and installation of the submersible’s tracking and communication equipment. A great example of a suitable yacht is the 26-passenger M/Y Legend.
Our team of experts will assist you in arranging all operational aspects of this adventure.

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Below destinations are suggestions. There are numerous exciting deep sea locations for you to explore with a private submarine. Share your dreams with us and we will arrange the sub charter.

  • Suggestion: Antarctica

    Dive into the deep along the Antarctic Peninsula. You will be amazed by the marine life that lives in these freezing waters. Encounters with whales, leopard seals and penguins are not uncommon!
    Watch immense icebergs from below and discover what little creatures are living at the ocean floor surrounding this unique continent. A submarine charter gives you the opportunity to explore it all at your own terms!

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