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Arctic Heliski Canada

Ski the world’s northernmost heliski tenure! Baffin Island, Canada offers kilometers long untracked runs in some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.

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Arctic Heliski - Baffin Island Canada

Do you have what it takes to ski or snowboard the world's northernmost heliski tenure? High up in the Canadian Arctic, the fiords of Baffin Island offer untracked runs nearly four kilometers long. The unprepared slopes pass through beautiful unspoiled terrain. With tumbling glaciers, deep fiords and tall sheer granite walls, the rugged east coast of Baffin Island provides some of the most dramatic mountains and scenery in the Arctic. Heliskiing on Baffin Island is a polar first and it's the only mechanized skiing opportunity in Arctic Canada. The helicopter drops you off on the most magnificent peaks where you can simply clip into your skis or snowboard, and start your descend on these remote arctic mountains. This is true exploratory skiing for private groups of maximum 8 guests.

Explore Arctic Canada

Beyond breathtaking heli-skiing, this arctic adventure is about more than just making turns. Immerse yourself in the Arctic by scouting the frozen ocean for wildlife, meeting local inuits from the coastal community of Clyde River and taking in the breath-taking scenery.

Expedition Camp Baffin Island

During this Heliski Expedition your group stays at Basecamp Baffin Island, a fully equipped private lodge with Arctic dome tents that accomodate up to 8 guests. The camp is located at 70° degrees north, in the fiords on the eastern coastline of Baffin Bay, and provides access to ski right into the mountains of Baffin Island. The helicopter picks you up at the camp to go skiing and will also bring you back at the end of the day.

This is a unique private trip for a maximum of 8 guests. Activities may variate during your trip because of changing weather and snow conditions, and your preferences. We try our best to provide the best experience for your group. The week includes five days of heli skiing.
Listed below are some experiences to give you an example of what you can expect during your stay.

  • Arrival in Arctic Canada

    The flight to Clyde River departs Ottawa early in the morning. We recommend booking your flight to Ottawa the day before.
    Arriving into the coastal Inuit community of Clyde River, you ride a snowmobile for the journey into the Baffin mountains. Leaving Clyde River, you’ll make your way into the deep fiords of Baffin Island, slowly leaving the Arctic Ocean and heading into glaciated terrain. Breathtaking views of steep granite walls and tumbling glaciers truly showcase the awesome landscapes of Baffin Island. At your arrivival at Basecamp Baffin you will be greeted by the expedition team. An introduction to the Heli-skiing routes and a polar safety briefing follows an in-house dinner prepared by the chef at the camp.
    Your week includes five days of heli skiing and the possibilities to go ski-touring or to take the snow-cat up the mountain.

  • Heli skiing Baffin Island

    Depart from Basecamp Baffin by helicopter and fly to the Arctic Cordillera. There you might land on on top of Mount Wordie, the longest run in the area, where you can ski 4 km through the snow down to sea level. A large granite cliff towers the face of this mountain, and below a tumbling glacier extends the horizon. The helicopter will wait at the bottom of the run, ready to take you to your next slope of untouched snow. With 2.5 hours of flight time per day, you can ski as much as you want before taking the scenic flight back to Basecamp Baffin.

  • Snowcat-skiing & alpine ski-touring

    Hop on board your private snow-cat and climb the glaciers behind your accommodations. A gorgeous collection of mountain peaks are directly at your doorstep, ready to be explored. Your guide takes you through the glaciers, stunning views and truly unspoiled landscapes as you pick the terrain that truly ignites your skiing adventure. Baffin Island holds a massive selection of terrain to choose from. Going from long flowing glaciers for intermediate skiers, to steeper terrain such as couloirs and larger glaciers for advanced skiers. Finish your day by returning to camp on your skis.

  • Discover the Inuit culture

    Discover the unique Inuit culture and arctic wildlife of Clyde River. Attend a drum dancing and throat singing performance, an art only found among the Inuit. Clyde River holds a unique traditional culture that is becoming increasingly rare in modern Inuit communities.
    Out here in the Arctic, wildlife such as polar bears and seals begin to surface as spring arrives in the arctic fiords. Take a helicopter ride out onto Baffin Bay and walk amongst the sea ice as you search for polar bears and newly born cubs. Fish for arctic char in the fiord lakes as spring sun begins to melt the lake ice, or go dog sledding on the snow covered grounds of Baffin Bay.

Basecamp Baffin Island

Located in a remote yet breathtaking location in the fiords of Baffin Island, Basecamp Baffin is a comfortable camp that provides access to ski from your doorstep into the Canadian Arctic mountains. There are four private arctic domes, each accomodating 2 people. The fully equipped lodge offers comfortable rooms, hot showers, massages, a lounge and more. The chef will create wonderful meals, from locally sourced fish to organic beef, fine wines and fresh fruit. There will be plenty to regain your strenghts after a long day out skiing in Arctic Canada. 

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