Waterproof Cruises

Expeditions, underwater, above and beyond

Discover safari camps on the floe edge or dive under the ice. Open your mind and extend your personal boundaries!

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Waterproof Expeditions for the adventurous traveler

Enjoy wildlife and nature at its best. Waterproof Expeditions offers itineraries that go off the beaten track on voyages to remote locations where wilderness is still untouched. Not just a trip, but a bucket full of long lasting memories and passion to share. Small groups and great activities from the cold oceans of the Polar regions to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. We take you camping on the floe edge, dive under the ice, snorkel with Orcas or have a meeting with Emperor Penguins. A Waterproof Expedition is a breathtaking voyage you'll never forget.

"Truly awe-inspiring experiences. Waterproof's slogan 'it's not about the moments you breathe, but about the moments that take your breath away'... is so true! I couldn't have said it better. It is exactly how I often felt during the trip!"

- Mark J. (USA)