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White Sea Russia

The 'Ice Diving Capital' in the world. Where nature is untouched by man, and local animal life is rich and unique. The only sea in Europe that freezes thick enough for true sea-ice diving.

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White Sea

The nature here is untouched by man, and the local animal life is rich and unique. Being part of Russia’s inland sea it belongs to the Arctic Ocean basin. Every winter Greenland seals make their rookeries in the northern part of the White Sea and their calves are born there. In summer birds team-up on uninhabited islands to hatch eggs and rear their chicks. The sea is also home to the Beluga's, the White whales.

Geographical maps state that the Big North starts at 66°33’ North latitude (Polar Circle) and finishes at 90° of the North Pole. To face facts, the Big North and the lands around Polar Arctic Circle are locations without boundaries, reminding the sphere of imagination at legendary expeditions and at the hardest life conditions on Earth.

Exploring the Karelia region –the right-hand corner of Finland and top left-hand corner of Russia, means to face a natural environment of extraordinary beauty, with virgin forests, iced lakes and the huge tundra region.